Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular

Art and Design Extra-Curricular

Staff in the Art and Design department are committed to offer every student the opportunity to extend their practice outside of the timetabled classroom. Students are encouraged to raise their achievement and explore a wider curriculum during lunch and break times, workshops, gallery visits, national and international trips.

Lunch & Break time ‘open house' and after school workshops

All Art and Design rooms within the department are opened during lunch and break times encouraging students to
continue with classwork, get a head start on homework or engage with a wider curriculum. Staff also organise workshops after school to offer additional support, guidance and expertise at exam entry level.

International experiences

We are proud of the international experience we offer at GCSE and A-Level to Venice, Italy every two years. ‘The
Venice Experience' includes a 4 day trip to Venice including on site drawing workshops; after the Venice trip at Malbank School & Sixth Form College we host a series of after school workshops, which will address some of the art,
architecture and ideas students appreciate while in Venice; and finally we facilitate an open exhibition of Art, Craft & Design for parents/ guardians and guests to celebrate the Venice inspired work produced by all students who share in this experience.

Venice Trip Photographs

Venice Inspired Artwork

Tuscany Trip Photographs

Local adventures

At GCSE and A-Level we organise local and national visits to city locations, galleries and museums as well as relevant local sites. We believe that it is extremely important to empower students with real life art and inspiring environments so that their ideas and skills are informed by experiences as well as classrooms, books and media.
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