Business Studies

Business Studies

Why choose Business at Malbank?

Why choose a BTEC over a traditional GCSE?

It rewards effort! Exams work well for some students, but others find them rather daunting. Only 25% of the assessment is carried out through external examinations on a BTEC course. BTECs provide a more practical, real-world approach to learning, alongside a key theoretical background.  For example students have to plan and then participate in the recruitment process, including the dreaded mock interviews with local business people.  If you think a student may be put off by exams and might not realize their full potential by taking GCSEs, then BTECs or a mix of the two would make an excellent alternative for them.

BTECs offer a practical, hands-on approach that can be lacking in more traditional routes. Students have to undertake a number of units for which they present a portfolio of evidence, based on real businesses, case studies and demonstrate practical business skills that range from handling complaints to preparing accounts. This allows them to develop the skill and knowledge that are essential in the workplace.

What topics are covered?

The units covered during the course are:-

         Enterprise in the Business World - Planning and setting up your own business.

         Finance for Business - This is the externally assessed unit.

         The Principles of Customer Service

         Recruitment, Selection and Employment

Successful completion of all of the above units of work will lead to gaining the BTEC First Award in Business (which is the equivalent of 1 GCSE grade A to C).

It is hard work, but if you are willing to make the effort, Business Studies staff regularly provide lunch time help sessions in T22.

You get the opportunity to engage with the local business community and we visit a local company to help to bring the case studies to life.

What are our results like?

Business Studies students consistently achieve above their target grade and it is often the best result they achieve across all of their BTECs and GCSEs.