PDL Personal development Learning PHSE

PDL Personal development Learning PHSE

Personal Development Learning (PSHE) 

Malbank School PDL Curriculum

Malbank School Personal Development Programme

The 'Prevent' Strategy

The prevent strategy is nationwide and forms part of the Government's counter-terrorism strategy.  ‘Prevent' aims to stop people from becoming radicalised to extremist groups. As part of the PSHE programme pupils at Malbank School have had hour long sessions tackling the issue of extremism and radicalisation.

Additional information for pupils and parents

SMSC in PHSE at Malbank School 

Whilst the department prides itself on the teaching of Shine as a specialist subject, we also take the development of the whole child very seriously and contribute to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of all of our students.

Whole school SMSC

Anti Bullying Policy

At Malbank School we believe that everyone has a right to enjoy school life in a safe, friendly environment. We encourage respect for others and their property and we strive to ensure that everyone is valued equally and treated with respect, regardless of age, aptitude, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or socio economic status.

Bullying of all kinds is unacceptable whether it is between students and students, staff and students or staff and staff. The school has a number of students from across the year groups who have been trained by the Diana Awards to become our ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

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Our departmental policies for PHSCE and SRE (sex and relationship education) are.

 PHSCE Policy
 RSHE Policy
 Drug Education and Use Policy

PHSE Parental Guidance and Information 

Internet Safety Advice For Parents.
Sexting Parental Information.
Social media age restrictions.
Is your child learning to drive ?

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)







E Safety

 Facebook Checklist
 Instagram Checklist
 Oovoo Guide For Parents
 SimSimi Online Bullying
 Snapchat Checklist
 Twitter Checklist
 Get Safe Online
 Making Social Media Safer
 Password Guidance

 UK Safer Internet Day


 YouNow Parents Guide

 Mental Health and Well-being

The Self Care Kit

Later Life

How To...Exercise
How To...Fear and Anxiety
How To...Mental Health
How To...Mindfullness
How To...Sleep Better
How To...Manage and Reduce Stress

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Kooth - Returning to School After Lockdown - Teachers


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