Choosing Your AS And A2 Level Courses

Choosing Your AS And A2 Level Courses

Choosing Your AS and A2 Level Courses

Pathways - select a route to suit your academic needs

Please click below to download our 2016 A Level Subject Offerings

Malbank Sixth Form builds its curriculum on student choice and need on a yearly basis. Our timetable is built by the choices students make ensuring it is always cohort specific and bespoke to each year group we take through.

We offer 2 routes for post 16 study:

1. The "Traditional" Academic A Level route whereby students select 3 or 4 subjects from a current list of 31 subjects.

2. The "Vocational" route which sees students select BTEC or "Applied"courses as the majority oftheir timetable. These subjects are geared towards portfolio evidence and do not test pupils through examination. As such, it provides a Level 3 route into Sixth form for a different type of learner.

Year 8 Consultation Evening has been rearranged to Thursday 26th April 2018 4pm - 7pm