Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct

As a student of Malbank School you are expected to:

  • Arrive to all lessons on time, with the correct equipment
  • Wear the correct school uniform  as indicated in the uniform guide
  • Respect the opinions, beliefs and the contributions of others
  • Be polite and cooperative at all times
  • Respect others and their property
  • Move around the school in a quiet and orderly manner; keep to the left in corridors and stairways
  • Wait outside classrooms until instructed to enter by a member of staff
  • Avoid eating in classrooms, unless taking part in a lunch time activity supervised by a member of staff
  • Leave classrooms tidy
  • Be responsible for your possessions at all times
  • Place bags and coats in either the lockers provided or in form rooms by 12.30 and not return to them until 1.20 (unless the wet weather bell is rung)
  • Stay on site unless you have obtained an ‘out of school pass'
  • Put litter in the bins provided and recycle wherever possible

As a student you must not:

  • Physically or verbally abuse another member of the school community
  • Use mobile phones in lessons or misuse them whilst on site by taking inappropriate photographs or videos of students or staff
  • Bring to school chewing gum, cigarettes, alcohol or fizzy drinks
  • Interfere with other people's property
  • Deface school property
  • Sell items for profit on the school premises without the permission of a member of the Senior Leadership Team

Student related policies can be found in the school planner which may be downloaded here.

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