Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

School Complaints Procedure


All maintained schools in England are required, under the Education Act 2002, to have in place a procedure to deal with complaints relating to the School and to community facilities or services that the School provides. The law also requires the procedure to be publicised.

LAs are already required to set up a procedure for dealing with certain types of complaints, for example, complaints about the curriculum or collective worship in a school. The Governing Bodies' complaints procedure does not replace the arrangements made for those types of complaint. In addition, there are certain complaints which fall outside the remit of the Governing Bodies' complaints procedure, for example, staff grievances or disciplinary procedures. It is recommended that the Governing Body ensures that any third party providers offering community facilities or services through the school premises, or using school facilities have their own complaints procedure in place.

The Formal Complaints Procedure

The Stages of Complaints

At each stage, the person considering the complaint will make clear who will be involved, what will happen, and how long it is expected to take.

• Stage one: complaint heard by staff member (though not the subject of the complaint);
• Stage two: complaint heard by Headteacher;
• Stage three: complaint heard by Governors' Appeals Panel.

An unsatisfied complainant can always take a complaint to the next stage.

If the complaint concerns the conduct of the Headteacher or a governor or if a Headteacher or governor has been involved in he issue previously, the Appeals Panel will nominate an independent reviewer (possibly from within the School or LA) to fulfil the role of the Headteacher in stage 2. Governors who are the subject of, or directly involved in any complaint will not be eligible to sit on the Appeals Panel.

J E Walker, Headteacher

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