Connect, located in T20, is a whole school provision. From Year 6 it is available for students at the start of their transition to Malbank from primary school right through to our Year 13 students before they leave us to endeavour on the next leg of their life journey to further their education/employment. 

How can/does Connect support your child?

Some students use this support daily, whilst some may use it once/twice throughout their career at Malbank and others may never need to use Connect. As your child/ren are individuals so to are their needs and accessing Connect may or may not be a regular thing for them.

There is no one prescription for how Connect can/will support students. Your child may have had braces fitted and they are finding them uncomfortable/have a friendship fall-out and need a bit of TLC to help them succeed the rest of the school day. It may be your child is struggling with homework and needs a little bit of extra help to reinforce what they have learnt in lesson. Your child may have a learning disability and needs extra help/1-2-1 support. You may have a child that needs to build their self-esteem or needs strategies to help them with anxiety and in some cases panic attacks. The list is endless and the team within Connect is dedicated to supporting individuals and we are here to do this as and when the need arises. 

The one constant in Connect is being able to give the right balance of TLC/tough love to ensure that your child/ren succeed so they can be the best they can be.

Support for Parents/Carers

Chatterbox was first introduced during 2009 and is an extension of Connect. The idea came from just one parent who said they would love to have some support from other parents/carers who sometimes felt like they were "the only ones" ...... coping with the teenage years, who's child struggled with homework, living with a child with autism for example.

Chatterbox offers a comprehensive programme of events that has been developed with parents and children - A full programme of events is available here.

The purpose of the sessions is to offer support and help parents/ carers, forge links with other parents/carers and give them the opportunity to ask any questions or share experiences.

All Parents/Carers are welcome to drop-in to any session(s) that they choose. All you need to do is bring yourself and we will do the rest (refreshments will be provided). If you would like to come along to any session please contact me on Tel: 01270 611009 or email: On the day please arrive at our Reception (at the front of school on Welsh Row) where a member of staff will meet you.

If you would like more information on the Connect provision please do not hesitate to contact me on the telephone/email above.

I look forward to meeting you in the future and having the opportunity to work with you and your child/ren.

Di Jackson
Connect Manager


Programme of Events


Past Sessions

  1. International Stress Awareness Week (Friday 9th November 2018) - 1st November Stress Awareness Tutorial
  2. Understanding your child's grades (Friday 23rd November 2018) - Yr8 Coffee Morning Data Presentation
  3. Revision Techniques (Wednesday 5th December 2018) - Revision Techniques
  4. Mental well being (Wednesday 23rd January 2019) - Mental well being
  5. Online Safety (Wednesday 27th March 2019) - Online Safety
  6. Life After KS4 (Friday 26th April 2019) - Malbank 6th Form, Twitter
  7. Mindfulness (Friday 3rd May 2019) - Mindfulness
  8. Careers - Looking ahead for Years 7&8 (Wednesday 15th May) - See Below
Following our Careers - Looking ahead for Years 7 & 8 session on Wednesday 15th May 2019 please find below some useful websites as discussed.

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