Connect is an inclusive whole school provision.  It is available for students from year 6 as they start their transition to Malbank school from their Primary right through to the end of their time with us in Year 13.  We help and support them throughout their time at Malbank watching them grow, make mistakes, laugh, shout and sometimes cry.  This is all part of a youngsters growth before they leave us to endeavour on the next leg of their life journey to further their education/employment.

How can/does Connect support your child?

Some students use Connect daily, whilst some may use it once/twice throughout their whole career at Malbank.  As your child/ren are individuals so too are their needs and accessing Connect may or may not be a regular thing for them.

There is no one prescription for how Connect can/will support students.  Your child/ren may have had braces fitted and they are finding them uncomfortable whilst they embed, they may have had a friendship fall-out and need a bit of TLC to help them succeed the rest of their school day.  It may be your child is struggling with homework and needs a little bit of extra help to reinforce what they have learnt in lesson.  Your child may have a learning disability and needs extra help/1:1 support/bespoke timetable or intervention.  It maybe they need support with self-esteem, or strategies to cope with anxiety or in some cases panic attacks.  The list is endless, and the team within Connect is dedicated to supporting individuals and their needs as and when the need arises.  The one constant we do offer in Connect, is whatever your child/ren's need they will be supported with the right balance of TLC/tough love to ensure that they can be the best they can be enabling them to grow in confidence and build their resilience in order that they can access the big wide world and deal with the challenges it may present.

Connect is available before school, from 8.15am-8.45am Monday to Friday, and during break and lunchtimes.

It is a place where you can:

  • Access the internet and PCs to do your homework or print it off
  • Get yourself organised for the day
  • See a friendly face
  • Meet with friends, make new friends
  • Ask questions
  • Feel safe and relax

Mrs Jackson and the team look forward to meeting you. Don't be shy come and say hi - we always welcome new visitors.