Youth Support Service

Youth Support Service

Welcome to the Youth Support Service

Cheshire East Youth Support Service offer independent, impartial information advise and guidance to 13-19 year olds to support you to make well informed, realistic career and education decisions.

Crewe Hub

The Crewe Hub is situated at 23-25 Market Street, Crewe and is open Monday-Friday between 1pm-5pm including school holidays. A range of services targeted to young people are available.

Youth Clubs

Cheshire East Youth Support Service run a number of youth clubs and detached Youth Work Services in Crewe and Nantwich. These offer the opportunity to take part in a wide range of fun activities where you can spend time with your friends and make new ones.

Youth clubs currently available are:

Monday 3pm-6pm Youth Zone Crewe Hub 
Tuesday 6.30pm-9pmYouth Club Shavington Youth Club 
Wednesday 3pm-6pm Youth Zone Crewe Hub 
Wednesday 6.30pm-9pm Utopia - LGBT Crewe Hub 
Thursday 6.30pm-9pm Crewe Youth Club Crewe Hub 

For further information on any Youth Work activity or to find out what is happening in your area contact the Crewe Hub on 01270 253633.

Sexual Health Clinic

Monday 3.30pm-5pm and Saturday 11am-1pm at the Crewe Hub

Helpful links...

Suggested Internet Links for Key Stage 3 -  5
Finding careers in Performing Arts.
Ask:What if? is a community for people interested in careers that have a positive impact on other people's lives and the community they live in.
Fast Tomato is a web-based guidance system for Years 9 and above.
The Hideout supports children and young people living with domestic violence, or to those who may want to help a friend.
Bully Free Zone was established in 1996 to provide a service for children and young people who have issues around bullying.
The number one resource to find reliable information on a variety of bullying issues.
Information and advice for anyone concerned about drugs. Includes advice for worried parents and friends.
Through Kooth you can talk live to counsellors and support workers online in one2one chat rooms, or book a time to talk online to them, or leave messages and wait for them to get back to you.

Suggested Internet Links for Key Stage 4 - 5
Details on how to become an apprentice, qualifications and gaining new skills.
A website for young people to get independent advice on how to avoid getting hurt or more deeply involved with weapons or gangs.
Rizer is a website service which provides information and advice for young people about the law, crime and the consequences of offending. It has lots of information such as what to do if you get into trouble with the police, being arrested, appearing in court and much more.
A website that provides short films about people jobs
Another website that provides real people in jobs including "famous" people in their roles
Students advised to carry out thejStamford test, register on UCAS and register on Yougo Further which is the student networking site
Help identify potential courses based on current studies and interests

Suggested Internet Links for Key Stage 5
The Department for Education and Skills' Aimhigher campaign encourages young people to think about the benefits and opportunities of higher education (HE); especially young people from families with no tradition of higher education.
Prospects - The Official Graduate Careers Website - a good way to find graduate jobs, postgraduate courses.
Gap Year and Travel directory, providing an A to Z guide of gap year opportunities and ideas.
Jobcentre Plus is part of the Department for Work and Pensions. Provides support for people of working age.
Informationon coursed and includes information on bursaries and sponsorship
One of a number of sites that score universities
Another stats based website
Main resource for information on money
Aimhigher Finance website
Website providing information on sponsored summer schools for students whose parents may ont have been to university and or come from families with lower incomes. Summer schools are offered at a range of universities
Information on a group of 20 leading universities including Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge
A website giving both pictorial and written information on some but not all universities. Does NOT substitute a visit. An overview.
A notional website that provides information and links to volunteering opportunities

Suggested Internet Links for Staff 

14-19 Crewe and Nantwich
EIC - The EICP schools have been working on developing their own collaborative courses since 2005