Exciting Curriculum, High Achievement

"Malbank stands out for the quality of teaching, the quality of learning and the fact the students are receiving a truly excellent education."

"The imaginative and exciting curriculum provides very good learning opportunities for boys and girls with differing needs and from a variety of backgrounds". Ofsted

Malbank School provides a stimulating and relevant education for all students, enhanced and enriched by a truly remarkable range of opportunities 'beyond the classroom'. Our aim is to 'personalise' the curriculum and the learning process, to meet the particular needs, interests and ambitions of each student.

"The school provides an innovative curriculum with a very good range of enrichment activities". Ofsted

We offer a broad and well-balanced curriculum for all. We also enable students to specialise or to diversify, as and when appropriate. We recognise that at examination level, some students may benefit from taking more, or fewer, subjects than most others, or from taking some subjects early.

"Students enjoy coming to school and have a very positive approach to their learning". Ofsted

Our approach is to blend the best of traditional teaching with the use of the latest technology, and to encourage both independent and teamwork, in readiness for university and-the world of work. We appreciate that the quality and enjoyment of the learning experience can be as important as the subject matter in motivating young people to achieve their very best.

"Teachers know their subjects well and share their enjoyment of them with students". Ofsted

Every subject plays its part in developing the key skills which are so highly valued in higher education and by employers: literacy, numeracy, the application of information and communications technology, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Important themes (relating, for example, to economic awareness or to citizenship) are considered in tutorial groups and through focussed projects and activities, linked to particular subjects and to the school's thriving cultural and extra-curricular life. Health education (including education about relationships, sex and drugs) is taught within the wider context of a highly regarded programme of Personal, Health and Social Education. This draws on a range of expertise from within and beyond school, and involves some very effective peer tutoring. This (and more) has contributed to Malbank gaining the 'Healthy Schools' Award from the DfES.

"Students' personal development and their overall spiritual, moral social and cultural development are very good". Ofsted

The careful attention paid to the spiritual and moral dimensions of young people's development encourages mature reflection and sensitive responses - and promotes a concern for others which is reflected in enthusiastic service to the community and support for numerous worthwhile causes.

Religious education is taught throughout the school. Students explore world faiths and contemporary moral issues, in line with Cheshire's agreed syllabus. Special provision may be made if a parent wishes to withdraw his or her child from R.E. classes or from collective worship on grounds of conscience. In this case, please contact the Headteacher to discuss the most appropriate arrangements.

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