Curriculum Description

Curriculum Description

Curriculum Description

2017-18 provision

Current curriculum provision is based upon a timetable of 50, 1 hour teaching periods over a 2 week cycle.

All pupils have access to the PSHCE curriculum via weekly timetabled pastoral tutorials.

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Key Stage 3

KS3 provides a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all pupils. All pupils in years 7 have a curriculum allocation of Opening Minds - a competency based curriculum based upon RSA skills.

A year 7 nurture programme was established in 2009/10 to meet the individual learning needs of some of our most vulnerable young learners. The group experiences daily numeracy and literacy lessons and follows a transitional curriculum that ensures the transition from Primary school to Secondary is smooth and effective. Pupil progress is monitored on a half-termly basis and allows the flexibility for students to return to learning with their tutor group part way through the year if appropriate for their individual needs.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 provides a broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils an increasingly personalised choice of study pathways. In Year 10, pupils can follow a traditional pathway of predominately level 2 qualifications from 4 option pools, including GCSE and vocational awards.

2017-18 is the last year where year 11 students may choose from a range of specialist pathways, accessing a vocationally based curriculum delivered in partnership with local FE providers. These specialised courses include:

·         Hair & Beauty, Animal Care, Motor Vehicle Studies and Food and Drink Manufacturing (Level 2)

·         Vocational Opportunities Programmes in Hair & Beauty, Horticulture, Agriculture, Construction, Motor Vehicle maintenance and Animal Care (Level 1).

Post 16

Post 16, pupils have access to a wide range of level 3 qualifications within 4 option pools. The majority of students study 4 level 3 qualifications in year 12. In addition, all Y12 pupils have access to level 3 qualifications in the form of the EPQ as well as Law, Philosophy and Critical Thinking as well as level 2 qualifications in English Language and Mathematics and a wide variety of enrichment activities during Option K.

Option K

Option K is an exciting and innovative initiative to offer an increasingly personalised 14-19 curriculum to all pupils in years 10 to 13. Two lessons per fortnight are devoted to Option K on a Wednesday afternoon. Pupils choose from a variety of courses that they study for 1 year only, with pupils from Years 10-13 study alongside each other within the same teaching groups. From its inception in 2008, Option K has been pupil centred in its approach. Pupil voice was consulted about the development and implementation of all current courses.

Courses range from non-accredited enrichment activities to more formal courses. Courses available within Option K have included:

Computer programming

AS Decision Maths modules

Expressive Arts

Performance Dance

Creative writing

Fashion & the arts


Sports Leadership

Recreational Sport


Rock School

Work Experience



Supervised study


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