Curriculum Description

Curriculum Description

Curriculum Description

2014-15 provision

Current curriculum provision is based upon a timetable of 50, 1 hour teaching periods over a 2 week cycle.

All pupils have access to the PSHCE curriculum via weekly timetabled pastoral tutorials.

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Key Stage 3

KS3 provides a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all pupils. All pupils in years 7 and 8 have a curriculum allocation of Opening Minds - a competency based curriculum based upon RSA skills.

A year 7 nurture programme was established in 2009/10 to meet the individual learning needs of some of our most vulnerable young learners. The group experiences daily numeracy and literacy lessons and follows a transitional curriculum that ensures the transition from Primary school to Secondary is smooth and effective. Pupil progress is monitored on a half-termly basis and allows the flexibility for students to return to learning with their tutor group part way through the year if appropriate for their individual needs.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 provides a broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils an increasingly personalised choice of study pathways. In Year 10, pupils can follow a traditional pathway of predominately level 2 qualifications from 4 option pools, including GCSE and vocational awards. Alternatively, pupils may choose from a range of specialist pathways, accessing a vocationally based curriculum delivered in partnership with local FE providers. These specialised courses include:

  • Hair & Beauty, Animal Care, Motor Vehicle Studies and Food and Drink Manufacturing (Level 2)
  • Vocational Opportunities Programmes in Hair & Beauty, Horticulture, Agriculture, Construction, Motor Vehicle maintenance and Animal Care (Level 1).

Post 16

Post 16, pupils have access to a wide range of level 3 qualifications within 4 option pools. The majority of students study 4 level 3 qualifications in year 12. In addition, all Y12 pupils have access to level 3 qualifications in the form of the EPQ as well as Law, Philosophy and Critical Thinking as well as level 2 qualifications in English Language and Mathematics and a wide variety of enrichment activities during Option K.

Option K

Option K is an exciting and innovative initiative to offer an increasingly personalised 14-19 curriculum to all pupils in years 10 to13. Four lessons per fortnight are devoted to Option K on a Monday afternoon. Pupils choose from a variety of courses that they study for 1 year only, with pupils from Years 10-13 study alongside each other within the same teaching groups. From its inception in 2008, Option K has been pupil centred in its approach. Pupil voice was consulted about the development and implementation of all current courses.

Courses range from non-accredited enrichment activities to AS level accreditation. Courses currently available within Option K include:

Computer programming

AS Decision Maths modules

Expressive Arts Award

BTEC Dance

Creative writing

GCSE Fashion


AS Law

Community Sports Leaders Award

Rock Climbing

GCSE fashion

Study Plus

Recreational Sport


Rock School

Work Experience


GCSE History

GCSE Geography

Healthy eating


AS Philosophy

Future teachers programme

Supervised study