BTEC Level 3

BTEC Level 3

BTEC Dance Level 3

Why take this course?

Malbank has an established reputation for producing very high standards in dance. Although BTEC Level 3 is relatively new to the school, the Dance staff are very experienced and have a reputation for exceptional quality throughout Cheshire East and Cheshire West. Teachers bring professional experience to the course; results are outstanding and the facilities are of a very high standard.

If you decide to do Level 3 dance at Malbank you will be introduced to a vast network of professional dancers, experience a wide range of extracurricular enrichment opportunities designed to extend your own developing repertoire.

This course is a vocational qualification for dancers aiming to perform professionally, developing greater choreographic skills in order to become part of the world of dance. It has the flexibility to develop the full breadth of necessary skills and will be customised to meet individuals' needs, preparing dancers for the ever changing demands of the profession.

What extra opportunities are available?

There are also a number of residentials and links, allowing you to dance and network with other dancers, including links with Homegrown Dance Company, CAT schemes, performances at professional theatres and Performance spaces.