BTEC Level 2

BTEC Level 2

BTEC Dance Level 2

This course is equivalent to a GCSE grade A* to C and uses only one option box. It is practical based and allows dancers or all abilities to create dances, to perform in different dance styles and provides the necessary skills to continue onto Level 3.

Over the two year course you will:

  • Cover different units of work, evidenced through practical workshops, performances, lesson logs and a portfolio of evidence.
  • Study a variety of dance styles, artists, companies and choreographers.
  • Gain experience as a performer in school and at a variety of venues.

You will:

  • Have lots of opportunities to attend Dance residentials.
  • Have the opportunity to work with other artists, produce your own movement material and have the opportunity to teach others.

How can Dance help you in the future?

If you want to take up any further education in the Arts this is a very important course.

It will give you the skills and qualifications to go on to continue to study dance in further education. It plays a vital role in the Performing Arts Sector, Theatre Studies, Musical Theatre which requires you to dance (West End). Community Arts and Youth Arts play a part in introducing dance to the local community; (Diversity started to dance in their youth centre).

You develop greater confidence in your own abilities, improve your communication skills, develop a greater knowledge of applying your analytical skills, improve your fitness, and improve your physicality, musicality and creativity.

All these skills are valuable in the world of work and are transferable to any future career.

If you love Dance then this course is for YOU!

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