A Level

A Level

A Level

In 2016, the Edexcel exam board released a new and improved specification for Drama and Theatre. The amendments create a course which has: a clear and coherent structure which support progression from Key Stage 4, practical focus, contains engaging prescribed texts to explore, a free choice of performance texts, the fair assessment of students' performance and design skills, clear and straightforward question papers. Please see their website for more details:


As a department, we aim to offer exciting and alternative ways to learning about the different styles and ways of theatre. We explore contrasting theatre practitioners and practically understand their reasoning behind their intentions. There are ample opportunities to create your own work as well as adapt well-known scripts into a performance of your own. 


What will we learn?

  • To explore how Brecht wanted a theatre that achieved, challenged and made an audience think.
  • To help students realise the difference between accepting, on the one hand, and questioning, on the other, the plot of a play and the characters' lives and motivations.
  • To explore the intellectual part the audience plays in a Brechtian theatre.
  • To use a variety of Brechtian devices.
  • To explore the differences between Epic theatre and Naturalistic theatre.
  • To look at the different relationships between actor and audience.
  • To understand the political implications for using this style of theatre.
  • To look at the scene from ‘A Doll's House' you wrote for homework

To download the full lesson plan powerpoint please click here.