A Level

A Level

A Level

In 2016, the Edexcel exam board is releasing a new and improved specification for Drama. They have ensured their amendments create a course which has: a clear and coherent structure which support progression from Key Stage 4, practical focus, contains engaging prescribed texts to explore, a free choice of performance texts, the fair assessment of students' performance and design skills, clear and straightforward question papers. Please see their website for more details:



What will we learn?

  • To explore how Brecht wanted a theatre that achieved, challenged and made an audience think.
  • To help students realise the difference between accepting, on the one hand, and questioning, on the other, the plot of a play and the characters' lives and motivations.
  • To explore the intellectual part the audience plays in a Brechtian theatre.
  • To use a variety of Brechtian devices.
  • To explore the differences between Epic theatre and Naturalistic theatre.
  • To look at the different relationships between actor and audience.
  • To understand the political implications for using this style of theatre.
  • To look at the scene from ‘A Doll's House' you wrote for homework

To download the full lesson plan powerpoint please click here.

Sixth Form Open Evening - Tuesday 23rd October 6pm-8pm