Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama Department - WE MAKE. WE CREATE. WE SHARE.

Fresh, exciting and vibrant, the Young Actors drama department is committed to working creatively using the performing arts not only as a means of self-expression, but also to build skills beyond the arts. Led by highly skilled professional practitioners encompassing numerous specialisms, we offer a wealth of social, artistic, and practical sessions and programmes that aim to enrich the life experiences and thus the well-being of children and young people within the school.

Year 7:  Offers a variety of different experiences:

The Amazing Maze:  Maths through the Arts

Rehousing:  A drama which explores  the importance of our local community

Darkwood Manor:  A fun experience which looks at the genre of ‘Horror'

Year 8:  Develops drama skills and philosophy for learning

The Ring:  Storytelling

Greenal and Greynal:  Science through the Arts

Melodrama:  Genre

Year 9:  The students work through a carousel of Performing Arts

Missing:  The scheme starts to explore the key areas of GCSE and the subject of Teenage Runaways

Year 10/11:  GCSE Syllabus
Unit 1:  Punch and Judy scheme:  Murder Detective

Unit 2:  ‘Arson About' exploring a major play text

Unit 3:  Creating your own performance

Year 12: 

Unit 1:  Practical exploration of two set texts

Unit 2:  Practical performance of a published play

Performance of either; Monologue/Duologue

Year 13: 

Unit 3:  Performance production:  Creating your own performance

Unit 4:  Exploring set text and Shakespeare through performance and written examination

Sixth Form Open Evening - Tuesday 23rd October 6pm-8pm