Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies 

Why study this course?

Theatre studies is a fantastic course and helps build confidence and gives you a variety of different life skills, A significant number of our students go to top Universities and drama schools and end up working in the theatre, education and law. Theatre studies give you the chance to learn a significant number of life skills critical in the world of work.

Students will have the opportunity to produce and perform their own work. They have the opportunity to lead a team and use a variety of communication skills. At the end of the course you will be able to run and organise significant projects, critical for the world of work.

How is the course structured?


Unit 1: Demonstrate the application of performance of performance and/or production skills through the realisation of drama and theatre. This will be achieved through creating a live piece of performance and producing a monologue or duologue. (30%)
Unit 2: Students will be directed by their teacher in a major performance and will create a monologue/duologue for presentation to an external examiner (30%)


Unit 3: Create their own piece of performance using the skills learnt during their first year of study (30%)
Unit 4: Explore and interpret plays from different time periods (30%) Make critical and evaluative judgments of live theatre.

What are the entry requirements?

A Positive and creative individual who has a commitment to hard work.

Which other subjects link well with this subject?

A wide range of subjects link well with Drama, if you want to develop your confidence, communication skills and presentation skills drama will support English literature, English language, business studies, other performance based subjects music and dance. It can also be an interesting and alternative subject to study alongside ICT, History and Maths.

What career paths would this course lead to?

Careers in Performing arts, the stage, set design, film and media, theatre management, teaching, Law and Business based careers.

What specific skills will I learn?

  • How to organise a team
  • Communication skills
  • Film editing
  • Being able to present to a large group

What Extra Opportunities are available?

At Malbank sixth form college we offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities to develop your subject and experience and personal statements/CVs. There are trips to Theatres, a weekend residential experience, the opportunity to perform in the school production, National Youth Theatre and the Shakespeare schools festival.

 "Studying theatre studies changed the way I view the world, it allows you to access almost any subject academic or otherwise, when I started Malbank sixth form college I wanted to study Mathematics, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience studying drama at Malbank that I changed my intended career path and am now at the University of Glamorgan studying Drama, Theatre and Media."

Simon King