English Language

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug known to man." (Rudyard Kipling)

Language as a tool for communication is important and precious, and the English language has become particularly important because of its wide useage throughout the world.

In English classes you can discover the possibilities of language and communication, escape to other worlds, to other cultures and traditions, to fantastic lands full of extraordinary characters.

Where else could homework be a chance to free your mind, to explore the thoughts and feelings of any character alive, dead or imaginary?

English teaching aims to ensure that all students learn to communicate effectively in speech and writing, to understand and respond imaginatively and critically to what they hear, to read and experience in a variety of media and to enjoy both modern and classical literature in all its forms. All students enter both English Language  and English Literature for GCSE at the end of Year 11 in-line with the changes to GCSE exam policy in September 2013.

Year 9 Core Subjects evening 2017

Hyde Extract
Primary Proms information texts

Literacy and Numeracy evening 2017

Literacy mat 

Year 10 English - Mock exam Question (Jekyll and Hyde)

In preparation for the GCSE English Literature exam (Paper 1), on the first day back after half-term all Year 10 students will sit a mock exam question on the novel Jekyll and Hyde. Just like in the real thing, students will be given an extract from the novel (only looking at a chapter that they have covered so far in class). They will be asked to analyse the presentation of a character or theme in the extract, then make reference to a similar topic in other parts of the novel that they have studied.

The exam will take place in A6 and A8, unless exam concessions are in place for your child in which case they may be in another room. I will explain all the details to Year 10 in Thursday's assembly, but if you have any questions please get in touch with me.

The exam will take place during period 1 on Monday 30th October, and students should go to the Boulevard to register that morning rather than going to their form room.

Craig Batty

Acting Curriculum Leader (English Department)