Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

English at Key Stage 3

'To instil a passion for the power of the written word' 

We want our KS3 English curriculum at Malbank to be without limits. We strive to give young people the opportunities, experiences, knowledge and analytical tools to speak, write and read confidently, appropriately, and on their own terms in whatever context they find themselves in. We want them to see the value of language and literature both inside the classroom to allow them to cultivate a curiosity of the world around them and instil a passion for the power of the written word.

Our curriculum is designed to allow all students regardless of background and prior attainment to see the joy in the written word and begin to develop the skills needed to succeed at GCSE and beyond.

Furthermore, the English team enhance the excellent input given in lessons by also running a range of House events and extra curriculum activities. These include: theatre trips, House Reading Bingo, Year 7 Spelling Bee, Writing Competitions and Malbank's ‘Week of Words' Festival.

A Thematic Approach to KS3

By structuring a curriculum by theme, we aim to provide a concept-based learning experience that allows students to see patterns, appreciate deeper layers of meaning and make connections across literature, language and the media. Themes tell us something about the human condition. They can transcend cultures and allow students to engage with the broad idea that reading and writing helps us to make sense of the world we live in and the experiences we have.

Year 7 Curriculum Intent

Year 7 start their Malbank career with a rigorous, demanding year that encourages them to explore what society values and delve into how literature can represent this. The key skills they bring with them from primary school are developed and extended with new areas such as structure analysis being introduced to allow a strong element of stretch and challenge. This is encompassed through three units: Victorian Literature, Language Change and The Role of the Hero. Additionally, all pupils are subscribed to Accelerated Reader allowing for healthy competition between pupils as well as an independent way of assessing their true reading ability.

Year 8 Curriculum Intent

In year 8, we want to build the on the strong foundations that pupils will have gained from year 7 and allow students to continue developing their skillset and knowledge of both the real world and key literary concepts. The topics chosen allow the students to see the relevance of the subject and make a plethora of connections between English and their real lives. They will study: Discrimination, Dystopia and Conflict and Relationships. 

Year 9 Curriculum Intent

Year 9 is a transition year allowing students to become fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills; offering them every opportunity to become successful at GCSE. They will be exposed to a range of high-level and challenging pieces of literature as well as a multitude of interesting and topical debates. Their journey to GCSE will consist of: Freedom in Society, Hamartia and Gothic literature.

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