English Language

English Language

English Language

Why study this course?

At Malbank, our experienced English department offers two options for English students, English Literature and English Language at A.S and A level. Many people ask what the difference is between the subjects and for the first time, unlike at GCSE, the difference is much bigger than you think.

English Language is very different to the course previously studied at GCSE level. It is a slightly more scientific study of the reasons behind why we choose certain words and the context that influences our spoken and written decisions. Do women talk more than men? Is it rude to swear? Is the variety of English that we speak today the same as the variety spoken 200 years ago? Is American English the same as Singaporean English?

How is the course structured?

What are the entry requirements?

We expect pupils to achieve a grade 5 in order to study A Level Language. We will consider lower grades, but in all truth the demands and difficulty of the course mean we advise those not achieving a 5 at GCSE to rethink their choices.

Which other subjects link well with this subject?

As both English options require pupils to have effective essay skills and the ability to analyse and formulate original opinions, they link naturally with subjects like history that test similar skills. Many of the English Language units share topics covered in Sociology and Psychology. Students studying Media Studies or English Literature also find that they are able to benefit from theories and topics that are covered across the 3 subjects.

What career paths would this course lead to?

Naturally, English Language will give pupils a sound footing in skills and knowledge to go into any job or course reliant on close study, analysis or reading. Many of our pupils go on to study Journalism at University, particularly those who have polished those skills in English Language. We also see the development of many budding teachers and writers .We are proud of the fact that many of our pupils choose to carry on their love of either English by choosing to study it at University, proof we believe that students find the courses and delivery rewarding and inspiring. 

What specific skills will I learn?

  • Close analysis skills
  • Research and evaluation
  • Independent learning including personalised selection of texts and essay questions
  • Creative writing, comparative skills, critical analysis and essay writing techniques
  • The ability to stretch yourself and think deeply about the context and true meaning of texts 

What extra opportunities are available?

The English department are always eager to supplement learning with extra-curricular events and trips. We run visits to see specialists in the key exam topics for essential help and advice for English Language. As is always the case with the English department, we also pride ourselves in our close relationships with and support of pupils, meaning that in the run up to exams, we offer a dedicated and thorough set of exam revision classes to help pupils achieve all they can. 

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