Reading Lists

Reading Lists


Wider Reading list for KS3 students


John Boyne  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

One of the saddest books I've ever read. Set around the time of the

Holocaust. Saying anything else will give it away. Read it!

E. Buchignani Tell No One Who You Are

Harrowing look at the lost children of Nazi Germany.

Michael Cronin Against the Day Through the Night

Uncannily believable accounts of what might have happened if Germany

had successfully invaded the UK during World War 2. Highly


Els De Groen No Roof in Bosnia

Child's account of the war in Bosnia. An interesting read.

Peter Dickinson AK

Boy soldier Paul fighting for freedom in the Nagala Bush, is the premise

for this novel about growing up and trust.

Michael Morpurgo Private Peaceful

Brilliant World War 1 trench novel.

Andy McNab Boy Soldier

McNab draws on his own vast SAS experience to write this exciting,

part-biographical, account of his younger days in the SAS.

Matt Peet Tamar

Winner of the 2006 Carnegie Medal. Complex mix of time travel, World

War 2 and love across time.


Theresa Breslin Divided City

Tough Scottish novel which tackles the religious divide in Glasgow

through a look at football.

Trevor Colgan Stretford Enders

Fantastically realistic about teenage football fanatics, their lives, loves

and dreams of making it big. Start of a great series.

Peter Hayden And Smith Must Score!

A humorous tale of football obsession, dating dilemmas, family separation

and petty crime.

Kelvin MacGregor Here we Go

Not just about football; but about friendship, girls and how to have fun.

Follows the trials and tribulations of a boy who wants to turn professional

when he is 16.

David McRoberts Fergus MacPhail: the Boy, the Legend

Wildly entertaining football story of a teenage tear-away and his life at

school, and with the girls! Funny stuff.

Mal Peet Keeper

Mesmerizing football novel about a Brazilian goal-keeper. It's so real you

can almost hear the crowd cheering.

Martin Waddell Shooting Star

Interesting novel written by the man who talent spotted a future

soccer star.

Science Fiction

Ann Halam Taylor 5

Fascinating novel about human cloning.

Ben Jeapes Winged Chariot

The world goes dark after the stranger speaks in the language of the

Home Time. A great book.

His Majesty's Starship

Follow the journey of Earth's first interstellar delegation. Very enjoyable.


Nicola Morgan Sleepwalking

Hypnotic and challenging novel about a people dominated by by a huge

psychic presence which controls their minds.

Michael Lawrence The Aldous Lexicon

Imaginative SF yarn with complex alternative realities which cross over

into our own world.

William King Far Seer

Highly enjoyable dark SF novel set in the incredible world of Warhammer.

School Stories

Robert Cormier The Chocolate War

Stunning and shocking novel about the power of gangs in school and how

one small act of defiance starts a chain reaction in the school. Highly

recommended for strong readers. Has a very good sequel.

Catherine Forde Fat Boy Swim

Great novel about a misfit who will do anything to fit in at school.

Graham Gardner Inventing Elliot

Gripping and terrifying novel of a gang of school thugs, called The

Guardians, who rule and bully at Holminster High with an iron fist

Roger Green Cuckoos

Powerful novel about the power and cruelty of school bullying that starts

with the "whisper". Highly recommended.

Anthony Masters The Drop

Gripping novel about the gang mentality ruling a school in Wandsworth.


Louis Sachar The Boy who Lost his Face

Very weird novel about a bully seemingly cursed who then begins to see

things from the point of view of the bullied. An interesting and

challenging read.

Small Steps

Funny loose sequel to Holes with a couple of the minor characters taking

centre stage in an amusing get rich scheme that goes wrong.

Jerry Spinelli The Mighty

Engaging novels about dares and bullying that go too far at Crashman, an

American high school.

Mystery and Thrillers

Terrance Blacker Angel Factory

Dark and delicious tale of what happens when a curious boy hacks into his

father's computer. A really powerful read.

Tim Bowler Apocalypse

Haunting and nail-biting adventure tail which sees the life of a young

family in danger when they are ship-wrecked on a hostile island.

Kevin Brooks Martyn Pig

Martyn's life is turned on its head when he accidently kills someone very

close to him in this sublime novel. Brilliant.

Kevin Brooks Road of the Dead

Pacy and edgy thriller about two teenage boys out to avenge the death of

their murdered sister. Kevin Brooks just gets better and better!

Anne Cassidy Missing Judy

Gripping novel about the mystery surrounding the vanishing of a 6 year

old and the guilt of the 16 year old sister who feels responsible.

Story of my Life

Magnificent thriller set over one London night as Kenny is traveling home

he bumps into Mac, his brother's girlfriend, and his life is about to

change. Cassidy has followed Looking for JJ with another A* thriller.

F. Cottrell-Boyce Millions

Imagine the scenario: Britain is about to join the Euro, you find 250K and

have 10 days to spend it before it becomes obsolete.

Julie Hearn . The Merrybegot

Magical English Civil War novel, with a supernatural twang, and a trainee


Valerie Mendes Girl in the Attic

Accessible, spine-chilling ghost/mystery novel set in Cornwall after a

family move from the big city.

Nicola Morgan FleshMarket

Startling thriller set in the dark streets of 19th Century Edinburgh

where the body-snatchers Burke and Hare Stalk the homeless street


Philip Pullman Butterfly Tattoo The agony of first love inspires this book,

but tragedy and violence are soon to follow. For the mature reader.

Ruby in the Smoke

Exceptional mystery yarn, about a girl trying to find out why her father

was murdered. Has two sequels with the same characters, which are also


Ian Samson Case of the Missing Library Books

I know it sounds boring, but it's not... Tricky Irish thriller about dodgy

goings on with the mobile library vans.

Humour and Comedy

Martin Chatterton Michigan Moorcroft RIP

Funny novel about the exploits of Michigan after he is killed in in a car

crash and runs into trouble in the after life.

Cathy Hopkins Mates, Dates... (series)

Now a successful multi-book series. Have a look at the funny world of

Izzy and her wacky school chums.

John Kirkbridge Thank you for your Application

Quite exceptional novel about a would-be writer who works as a typist.

Has truly hilarious consequences. Comedy of the highest order and really,

really funny.

Louise Rennison Georgina Parks (series)

The teenage Bridget Jones! Often hilarious diaries of a confused

teenager. This popular series is now into its 5th book.

Catherine Robinson Tin Grin

Mattie's mum remarries and she has to deal with the nightmare of getting

along with her new, computer geek, step-brother. Soul Sisters New book

by Robinson featuring some of the same characters. Old friends are

reunited only to discover things have moved on.

Meg Rosoff Just in Case

Quirky and funny follow up to How I Live Now in which 15 year old David

is obsessed Fate is out to get him.

Louis Sacher There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Another highly entertaining (and funny) tale from the writer of Holes.

Has much to identify with.

Dogs Don't Tell Jokes

Funny novel about a boy who things he will be more popular if he enters

the school talent show.

Tui Sutherland This Must Be Love

Funny and sassy look at Athenwood High School and their Spring Drama


Sue Townsend Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Classic series of diaries featuring 13 year old Adrian and his obsession

with the lovely Pandora.

Ghosts and Horror

Kate Cann Leaving Poppy

A new genre for the great Kate Cann in this spooky haunted house,

possession novel. Genuinely creepy!

Ann Halam Don't Open Your Eyes

Spine chilling horror novel about a boy killed in a joyriding accident.

Highly recommended.

Carol Hedges Red Velvet

Nasty things begin to happen to Elly when she finds the skeleton of a

dead girl wearing a red dress in an old house.

Cliff McNish Breathe: A ghost Story

A true ghost story. The kind that says its cold fingers on you grips tight

and doesn't let you go under the last pages have been turned. Wonderfully

spine chilling.

Celia Rees Witch Child, Sorceress

Interesting read about the daughter of a woman accused of being a witch

in 18th century England. Beautifully written and asks many intelligent

questions and now followed by a great sequel.

Celia Rees Soul Taker

Jardine is so obsessed with the lovely Lisa that he sells his soul for a

chance to be with her. Scary stuff.

EE Richardson Devil's Footsteps

Wonderful horror novel from the new Queen of fear. Scary, atmospheric,

well plotted and believable....

The Intruders

More suspense and fear from Richardson in this terrifying haunted house

novel. Taste the fear.....

Marcus Sedgwick My Swordhand is Singing

Chilling vampire tale set in 17th Century Europe, inspired by the original

Transylvanian Vampire folk takes. Scary stuff!

Chris Wooding Haunting of Alaizabel Cray

Great atmospheric crossover fantasy novel about two young "wychhunters"

seeking for a beast that lurks


Maya Angelou I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Classic autobiography of a young black girl struggling against the brutal

American race discrimination in the 1930s.

Louisa M Alcott Little Women

First in the series of classic novels of 4 sisters growing up in 1860s

America written from the point of view of Jo, who would dearly like to be

a writer.

Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre

Jane falls in love with her rich employer, only to find out he has a dark

secret....Classic stuff that has thrilled generations.

Agatha Christie The Body in the Library

Christie in her finest Miss Marple tale or murder and revenge.

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

Classic Dickens tale of the young orphan's dramatic move through life.

Penelope Farmer Charlotte Sometimes

Dream like novel where Charlotte, whilst sleeping, somehow slips back in

time to 1919 and becomes Clare... Wonderful.

George Orwell Animal Farm

Stunning political parody, set in a farm yard with the animals playing the

parts of people.

Nevil Shute A Town like Alice

About the heroics of a young English woman during World War 2. A

fascinating study.

Dodie Smith I Capture the Castle

Great novel of first love, with an eccentric family of sisters living in a

dilapidated castle.

R.L. Stevenson Treasure Island

Sea adventure and the search for lost treasure. The wonderful

characters make this yarn as fun as ever.

J. Vance Marshall Walkabout

In the Australian desert, two children, survivors of an air crash, make

their journey across the harsh landscape, aided by an Aboriginal boy on


Jules Verne Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Wonderfully inventive story about explorers who climb down an extinct

volcano and into the centre of the earth.

HG Wells The Time Machine

SF novel about time travel and the possible consequences.

HG Wells War of the Worlds

The Martians invade Earth. A groundbreaking science fiction novel.

Family and Relationships

Terence Blacker Boy2Girl

Very funny novel about a cross dressing dare that starts as a joke and

goes further and further.

Alyssa Brugman Walking Naked

Highly original novel set in a secondary school where the girls who are

‘cool' clash with a new girl with startling consequences.

Meg Cabot All American Girl

Entertaining teen rom-com about a girl who accidently saves the life of

the President and life is never the same again!

Jenny Davis If Only I'd Known

Beautifully written novel about teenage pregnancy.

Lesley Howarth Carwash

Enjoyable story, set in Cornwall, told over a long, hot and sticky teenage


Mary Hopper Megan Trilogy

Great sequence of books about teenage pregnancy and being a young mum,

and single parent.

Elizabeth Laird The Garbage King

Original novels set in the slums and streets of Ethiopia.

Hiliary McKay Indigo's Star

This loose sequel to Saffy's Angel features Indigo as the main character

as he overcomes a serious illness and dreads going back to school.

Meg Rosoff How I Live Now

Odd and dreamy novel set in the back-drop of a undisclosed war with an

American teenage girl getting to know her family in England. Now

regarded as a modern classic.

Alex Shearer The Crush

An obsession with a Boy Band drives Ally to do almost anything to meet

the love of her life.....

Alex Shearer Great Blue Yonder

Funny and hugely thought-provoking novel about dealing with death.

Jerry Spinelli Stargirl

Brilliant and brave novel about a teenager daring to be different in an

American high school. Highly recommended.

Action and Adventure

Malorie Blackman Noughts and Crosses

In an alternative world the issues of racism are tackled in a (Trilogy)

society which has only two types of people: "noughts" and "crosses". This

novel is about friendship that goes beyond these barriers. The sequel set

a generation later is also an absolute knock out.

NM Browne Basilisk

A wonderful blend of myths, history and archaeology are present in this

great novel set in the caves of a dark world.

SE Hinton Outsiders

Stunning study of hate, violence, loyalty and friendship set in the violent

gang-lands of New York. One of the very best teenage novels ever


Robert Muchamore CHERUB-series

Big adventures and exciting at the teenage recruits at CRERUB battle the

underworld's of the World. Now 11 books of a very popular series.

William Nicholson Wind on Fire Trilogy

Breathtaking trilogy about a society governed by exams. But what

happens when you rebel? Read to find out. A truly excellent book with two

outstanding sequels.

Louis Sachar Holes

Very popular novel about a miscarriage of justice that sends Stanley into

a juvenile prison and an assignment to dig "holes". Compulsive reading.

Alex Shearer Bootleg

Great novel about chocolate being made illegal and the underground

resistance movement that forms. Highly original.


Wider Reading list KS4 Students


Author                          Title

Anderson Laurie H          Speak

Balbin David                   Festival

Bo Ben                         Burn Out

Blume Judy                   Forever

Bowler Tim                   Storm Catchers

Colfer Eoin                   Artemis Fowl

Courtenay Bryce           Power of One

Defelice Cynthia            Lucas Whitaker

Haddon Mark                The Curious Incident of the Dog

Halam Ann                    Don't Open Your Eyes

Hall Sylvia                     No Fear

Hooper Mary                Megan 3

Jarvis Robin                  Deathscent

Keaney Brian                Falling for Josh

Matthews Andrew         Wolf Summer

Mayfield Sue                 Blue

Mayne William               Candlefasts

Moore Ishbel                Daughter

O'Brien Robert             Z for Zachariah

Pope James                  Semi-Perfect

Pullman Phillip              Ruby in the Smoke

Rai Bali                        (Un)arranged Marriage

Robinson Catharine       Tin Grin

Rose Malcolm               Plague

Sachar Louis                Holes

Spinelli Jerry               Stargirl

Swindells Robert          Stone Cold

Trueman Terry            Stuck in Neutral

Ure Jean                    Get a Life

Wooding Chris             Endgame


Author                         Title

Adams Douglas               Hitch-Hikers Guide ...

Alcott Louisa M             Little Women

Anderson Rachel           Warlands

Belbin David                  Dead Guilty

Blackman Malorie          Noughts and Crosses

Brown Dan                   The Da Vinci Code

Burgess Melvin             Junk

Cann Kate                   Breaking Up

Cormier Robert            I am the Cheese

Darnell Steve               Uncle Sam

Flegg Audrey               Cinnamon Tree

Green Roger               Daggers

Hendry Frances           Chains

Hicyilmax Gaye            Girl in Red

Hinton S.E.                  Tex

Holeman Linda              Mercy's Birds

Holm Anne                   I am David

Johnson Catherine        In Black and White

Jordan Sherryl              Raging Quiet

Klass David                   You Don't Know Me

Mark Jan                     Eclipse of the Century

Masters Anthony          Finding Joe

Naidoo Beverley           Other Side of Truth

Parkinson Siobhan        Breaking the Wishbone

Pressler Mirjam            Shylock's Daughter

Price Susan                 Sterkarm Handshake

Scobie Pamela             Chasing Faces

Smith Dodie                 I Capture the Castle

Wolff Virginia Euwer     True Believer



Author                          Title

Austen Jane                  Pride and Prejudice

Bradbury Ray                 Fahrenheit 451

Bronte Charlotte           Jane Eyre

Bronte Emily                 Wuthering Heights

Burgess Melvin              Bloodtide

Chambers Aiden            Postcards from No Man's Land

Dickens Charles            David Copperfield

Du Maurier Daphne       Rebecca

Hardy Thomas              Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Harris Joanne              Chocolat

Huxley Aldous              Brave New World

Gibbons Stella             Cold Comfort Farm

Lively Penelope           Cleopatra's Sister

McCaffrey Anne           Dragonquest

March William              The Bad Seed

Minchin Adele             The Beat Goes On

Mosse Kate                 Labyrinth

Orwell George             Nineteen Eighty-Four

Tolkein J.R.R.              Lord of the Rings

Zafon Carlos                The Shadow in the Wind