GCSE Exam Results 2017

GCSE Exam Results 2017

GCSE Exam Results 2017

GCSE students at Malbank School and Sixth Form College have eagerly awaited their results this year knowing that they were part of a year group being graded in a completely new way for the first time this year. As well as receiving grades A* - G in most subjects, they received a grade from 9 - 1 in English and Maths. Nationally, 9's show performance at an exceptional level and candidates have to get over 95%. The results are not comparable to previous years but as a general guide A grade students had to aim for grade 7's and C grade students for a 4 or above.

There were some superb results with Eve Middleton gaining 6 A*s, 2 grade 9s and a grade 8. Olive Holding gained 3 A*s, 3 grade 9s, 3 As and a B. Alice Richardson got 2 A*s, 1 grade 9, 5 As and 2 8s. Not to be outdone by the girls Adam Burgess got 4 A*s, 1 grade 9, 2 As, 2 grade 8s and a B. Rachel Woods got 2 A*s, 1 grade 9, 4 As and an 8. Charlotte Halm got 2A*s, 1 grade 9, 3 As, a grade 8, 2 Bs and a 7.

There were also some superb results for departments with 82% of all students getting an English grade 4 or above and 9 grade 9s were achieved in English! At least 90% of students in Art, Business Studies, ICT, BTec PE and Electronics got a C or better. In Music, PE, Textiles, Additional Maths and BTec Science 100% of students got at least A* - C grades.

Headteacher Jeannette Walker said, "It's been a particularly difficult year for this cohort of students who have been the first to experience the new courses and grading systems, so we are pleased with how they have responded. We look forward to watching them to continue to progress whilst taking their next steps at Malbank Sixth Form College".


Student Guide to GCSE 2017 Results

Key Stage 4 Results 2016/17

Due to the new method of assessing school performance set up by the government for 2017, it is not possible to accurately confirm school performance until it has been compared to all other schools nationally.

As such, the Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores will be published after nationally recognised data analysis is sent to the schools later in 2017.

Maths and English Performance 2016/17

Measure % 
Students Achieving 9-5 in English and Maths 38 
Students Achieving 9-5 in English 60 
Students Achieving 9-5 in Maths 41 
Students Achieving 9-4 in English and Maths56 
Students Achieving 9-4 in English 82 
Students Achieving 9-4 in Maths 60 

English Baccalaureate Performance 2016/17

Malbank does not operate a policy whereby all students must fulfil entry to the EBacc when choosing their options.

Measure Amount of students % of students 
Students entered for the E-BACC36 23.5 
Students in COHORT Achieving the E-BACC20 13.1 

For details of 2015/16 School performance, visit the league tables website as seen below: