Government and Politics

Government and Politics

Government and Politics

Government and Politics is back in the 6th form due to popular demand. The climate is an exciting one and students are always extremely keen to share their opinions and learn about previous elections and parties. The subject is of a great interest to those who see a relevance in politics and current affairs. With the presidential elections and an EU referendum on the horizon there has never been a better time to be interested in politics.

How is the course structured?

  • Paper 1 - People and Politics with a focus on UK parties and elections. This exam is 1 hour twenty minutes long.
  • Paper 2 - Governing the UK. This includes looking how parliament, the judiciary and government actually works. This exam is also 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Paper 3 - USA elections and political parties. The exam is 1 hour 30 minutes long.
  • Paper 4 - USA government and how it works! The exam is 1 hour 30 minutes long.

What are the entry requirements?

It is recommended that students have 5 GCSE's including Maths and English. A history or law background would be useful and an interest in politics is imperative.

Which other subjects link well?
People who are interested in politics often have differing interests but it links well with Law, Economics, Sociology, English and Maths.

What career paths would this course lead to?
Journalism, politics, business, Law, Housing and the public sector to name but a few.

What specific skills will I learn?

  • How to write extended essays.
  • Opportunity to develop your discussion skills.
  • Present a presentation to the rest of the class
  • Understand the world from different ideologies