In Malbank's History Department we will develop tolerant and thoughtful historians giving students opportunities to investigate, assess, and analyse past events so that they can ask the right questions, be critically aware of how the past shapes the world they live in today and appreciate how their actions can shape the future.

Curiosity about the past is a basic human need.

History has always been an exciting and enriching subject to study. Historical study enriches your imagination and encourages you to communicate effectively, giving you essential life and professional skills for the contemporary world.

History gives an understanding of the past and present

Historical Studies courses equip students for a broad range of challenging careers in which research skills, a capacity for informed critical judgment, an effective grounding in written work and oral presentation, and an ability to interpret complex materials and varying viewpoints will prove invaluable. The broad knowledge and professional skills acquired through Historical Studies courses provide an excellent preparation for careers in fields such as journalism and other media work, research, the heritage sector and the tourism industry, publishing, museums and gallery work, documentary film- making, marketing, public relations, management and administration.

Malbank students remember the battle of the Somme

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