Homework is set regularly to encourage students to work independently and to reinforce or extend material covered in lessons. Students have work planners to help them to organise their homework and examination revision, and to help parents check their progress. Work planners also include reading lists, ''spellings", self-assessment and "test yourself" exercises, dates of examinations and other useful information.

We regard homework as very important and one of a number of ways of developing good study habits. Form tutors check students' planners regularly and parents are encouraged to do likewise. Students who have genuine difficulty with homework are given appropriate help and this may extend to advising parents on how to assist and motivate their son or daughter whilst gradually encouraging their child to work more independently.

  • Homework helps teachers assess students progress
  • Help to assess students own individual levels of progress
  • Helps to develop good study skills
  • Enables students to work independently and overcome difficulties on their own
  • Reinforces what students have done in class
  • Enables students to study more widely
  • Enables parents to see the sort of work students are producing

Further Guidance For Parents

  • Please check and signed Student Planner each week and pass on any concerns that you may have to your child's tutor
  • Encourage your child/children to take their Homework seriously. Help them organise their time at home and, if possible, provide them with a quiet part of the house which is free from distractions so that they can learn to study properly
  • If your child is placed on Homework Report and there is no improvement you will be asked to attend a meeting with a Key Stage Manager who will suggest ways for you to support your child with his / her homework

 Student related policies can be found in the school planner which may be downloaded here.

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