Illness And Accidents

Illness And Accidents


School rules exist to help students to avoid accidents and injuries as well as creating a good working environment.

There are specific safety rules in laboratories, workshops and sports areas.

What should you do if you feel ill or have an accident at school ?

  • Students' should tell their teacher if this occurs during a lesson
  • Go to the main office at break or lunchtime
  • Contact your parents only after you have reported into the office.
  • Remain on site at all times - do NOT go home or stay in a toilet or elsewhere. 

What will happen next? 

  • One of the school's trained first-aiders will assess you.
  • If you are unable to continue you lessons family will be contacted and given the information they need. You will be signed out of school offically.
  • If you are returned back to lessons you will be provided with a note for you tutor.

Medical Problems

  • Ensure that the main office is informed of any changes in you circumstances so that our records are kept up to date and we can take appropriate care of you.
  • If your Doctor prescribes medicine which need to be taken during the school day parents / guardian must inform the Main Office, fill in the appropriate consent forms, and store your daily dosage in the main office.
  • The school nurse will provide the school with a care plan and training, as appropriate, for all pupils with long term conditions e.g. diabetes, allergy sufferers, asthma.

Temporary Disability

  • If you break your arm or leg, please inform the Key Stage office straight away so that you can be risk assessed and supported appropriately e.g. with a time out card or temporary stay in Connect.

 Student related policies can be found in the school planner which may be downloaded here.

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