Information For Parents

Information For Parents


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Our Aim at Malbank is...

  • To give every student the opportunity to succeed in public examinations
  • To "add value" to students achievements across the full age and ability range
  • To promote the sort of consistent academic excellence which attracts recognition at the highest levels.

This is a school in which bright youngsters are stretched and challenged intellectually and in which every student is given the opportunity to achieve examination success.

  • We are delighted to see our high fliers producing strings of higher grade passes at both GCSE and A-Level (year upon year) and virtually every candidate (including young people with special educational needs) gaining at least five GCSE passes - a fantastic achievement!
  • As usual, the vast majority of this year's sixth form leavers entered university whilst others entered fulfilling careers. We are proud of our students' destinations and of our formidable reputation at Oxford , Cambridge and other leading institutions.
  • DFE performance indicators show that Sixth Form students again achieved:-
  • University entrance point scores well above national and local averages
  • Outstanding numbers of passes per candidate
  • Outstanding numbers of top grades
  • Unrivalled student destinations
  • To be ranked consistently amongst the best in the country whilst entering every student from across a very wide ability range for public examinations is a tremendous achievement.
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