A Level ICT

A Level ICT

A Level ICT

Who is it for?

To join this course students must have at least 5 A* - C passes at grade C or higher including English.  We do require at least a grade C in the GCSE ICT exam if taken, and a Level 2 in Functional Skills if taken.

The course is designed to help students who wish to go on to higher education courses or employment, where understanding how ICT can be used in society and business, and the implications of its use, will be a valuable asset.

A level ICT is ideal for students interested in technology without taking the lid off!

Why take A Level ICT?

If you are interested in the ever-changing world of the IT industry, then this course can develop your skills to seek work in a wide range of careers. In a world of constant technological innovation, there is a demand for people who have the skills to refine and apply new developments to the real world.

You will use a range of software applications and study a variety of topics. Our course will develop your practical computer skills, as well as an understanding of how ICT is used in industry and commerce.

Few occupations or workplaces do not make use of Information and Communication Technology today and most are likely to change further as ICT becomes more universal. Growth in the various information and communication industries will continue, giving many opportunities directly and indirectly to your generation.

You will benefit from better understanding of how information can be gathered, stored, controlled, communicated and manipulated by the use of Technology.

What will I Learn?

A Level ICT encourages students to acquire a range of important and transferable skills:

  • The capacity for thinking creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically
  • The skills to work collaboratively
  • The ability to apply skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT in a range of contexts to solve problems
  • An understanding of the consequences of using ICT on individuals, organisations and society and of social, legal, ethical and other considerations on the use of ICT
  • An awareness of emerging technologies and an appreciation of the potential impact these may have on individuals, organisations and society.