GCSE ICT is a modern course in IT that places its emphasis on applications development using software such as spreadsheets, databases and the web. It helps pupils to develop skills in a range of packages and helps them to understand new technologies such as mobile technology, social networks and modern computer systems.

A student particularly well suited to this subject will be one hoping to extend their practical skills and develop their problem solving skills.

Why Study ICT?

GCSE ICT is not how you use technology but how it works and the effects it has not just on our daily lives but in everything from commerce and communication, to politics and the music industry.

It's the way of the future for all careers - so whether you're looking at heading towards business studies, fashion, engineering, graphic or game designing, health or the environment, you will need to know how ICT works and the impact it has.

What Will I Learn?

Look at current and upcoming technologies

Look at what ideas and resources are needed to create the latest technology. You can explore companies such as
Apple, Sony, IBM and Google.

How to solve problems using ICT tools and techniques

You will look at the different stages of creating a new ICT tool from generating ideas to producing the tool or system.

You will look at a variety of ICT tools that interest you such as:

  • Communication tools like Facebook and the Internet
  • Control systems such as Sat Nav and business tools like Word Processing and Desktop Publishing
  • Leisure activities like booking movie tickets and downloading music
  • Even tools such as predicting natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis

The impact of ICT on society

You get to explore real life situations that ICT has an effect on legal, social, economic and environment areas. You
can discuss personal effects of ICT including the growth of personal websites and social networks.

How teams can work together using ICT

Looks at how people can work together if they are in different offices or working from home.