International Projects

International Projects

International Projects

Going away for a month to a country half way across the world with a group of people you barely know is about the biggest thing most of us could imagine doing.

That's exactly what we did on our amazing Cambodia expedition. Accompanied for the first two weeks by Mr. Stubbs, who then handed over to Mr. Snape for the last fortnight, our intrepid Malbank explorers worked on building projects, taught in local schools and enjoyed a jungle trek.

As you would expect such a trip comes with a few hurdles to get over, especially in a developing country with a completely different climate and environment.

Despite all this, the expedition with Camps International has been without doubt the best thing I have ever done. Every day there was something incredible to experience. The highlight of the trip was going into the schools to teach local children - their energy was inspiring.

The sense of family within the group and the non-stop laughs made it almost impossible to feel homesick, even with the extreme heat and tiredness. There wasn't a single day when I didn't feel like the experience improved me as a person, from the sense of achievement on project, to the breath-taking views around every corner and the astounding attitudes of the local people and how much they appreciated our work.

Especially moving were the heart-breaking stories of S21 Security Prison and the Killing Fields. I feel as though I have grown in a way I never could have expected. It's been the best experience of my life. I would recommend a trip like this with Camps International but definitely special thanks go to the fantastic Mr. Stubbs and Mr. Snape for making this a truly wonderful trip.

Matt Astbury, Team Surya, Cambodia Aug 2016.