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All pupils at Malbank learn French from Year 7 through to the endof Year 9 and will have up to six hours of MFL per fortnight. From September 2014, all pupils in Year 8 and 9 will study a second language, and they can choose between German and Spanish. We offer French, German and Spanish at GCSE,AS and A2 level and we have a fantastic range of extra-curricular activities for learners at all levels

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GCSE French revision: See Mr Guichoux for more details.

GCSE Spanish revision: See Mrs Ziprin or Mr Sweetman for more details.

GCSE German revision: See Mrs Mellish or Mrs Struthers for details

Paris Trip May 2015

Once more, 60 year 8 pupils (and 2 year 10s) went to Paris over half term. The weather was really good and we enjoyed our cruise on the River Seine and our visit to the Eiffel Tower. Once in Montmartre, some of us enjoyed having our portrait made by the street artists. On the Pont des Arts, we all gazed at the thousands of love locks.
Standing at the feet of the cathedral of Notre Dame, we could imagine the ghosts of Quasimodo and Esmeralda. In Euro Disney, while we were busy on the rollercoasters, we even caught a glimpse of some staff pushing ever further the rules of photo bombing!
It was great fun and we learned a lot about the culture and had an insight of how people live in France. A great experience.


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The German Exchange 2015  

This year we welcomed 14 German pupils and two teachers from our partner school, the Anne-Frank Schule in Raunheim, near Frankfurt. For the first time ever, we had more visitors than hosts and so 4 of our guests stayed in a nearby hotel with their teachers.
During their stay the German pupils enjoyed a visit to the historical Blists Hill Victorian Village near Ironbridge and a day at the seaside in Llandudno. They also spent some time in school, experiencing lessons with their English partners. Their final visit was a joint trip with their partners to Alton Towers.
We are extremely grateful to those families who kindly hosted our visitors and took them on trips at the weekend. Some firm friendships were made, as is always the case on these exchange visits.
2016 will mark the 35th year of our partnership with the Anne-Frank Schule and we are looking at making some changes, such as staying in a hotel with our pupils, rather than staying in families, as we are keen to encourage more of our pupils to get involved. We will still be maintaining strong links with our friends in Raunheim, so watch this space!



Work experience for A level

Over February half-term, 3 of our year 13 students went on to a work experience. 2 went to Rouen in France and the third one went to Segovia in Spain. All had a fab time, working with members of the public and improving their speaking skills in French or Spanish. This boosted their confidence and also enabled them to have a better grasp of the culture they had studied since year 7. As teachers of Modern Foreign Languages at Malbank, we value highly this work experience and this is something we'd like to offer to our future A-level students.

 Rouen Segovia