MFL: French, German or Spanish A Level

Why study this course?

At Malbank Sixth Form College the Languages department have a track record of excellent results; all of our staff have spent at least a year in the country of their specialist language, have travelled widely and have an outstanding cultural knowledge. We strongly encourage our students to travel independently and this year five of our AS pupils spent a week doing work experience in France, this programme is offered to students of all 3 languages. If you have previously studied French at GCSE level and wish to develop your subject experience then this is the subject for you.

How is the course structured?

At AS the programme of study covers four main topics including:

  • Aspects of French-speaking society
  • Artistic culture in the French-speaking world

At A2 the programme of study covers:

  • Diversity within society
  • Political engagement
  • Two Cultural Topics which could include film, theatre, art, 20th century history 
or literature

What are the entry requirements?
Entry requirements for this course is a 6 grade in French, German or Spanish. You must have a GCSE in the relevant language to be considered. We expect all of our students to show enthusiasm for leaning modern foreign languages, and to contribute to the department. 

Which other subjects link well with 
modern foreign languages?

If you have an interest in languages then studying more than more language is a popular choice by our students. The skills learnt in languages are transferable to other subjects across the curriculum. A number of students opt for English Language, Law, History, Politics and Religious studies.

What career paths would this course lead to?

Many of our students go onto University to study languages as a degree or as a joint degree. Some careers include MFL teacher, translators, foreign services, travel and hospitality and working for international organisations.

What specific skills will I learn?

You will learn how to translate text, Listen to and understanding authentic materials, read original documents, develop speaking and presenting and improve your essay writing skills. In addition to this you will broaden your cultural knowledge, and sharpen your debate and discussion skills.

What Extra Opportunities are available?

Outside of the classroom we offer the opportunity for real and authentic experience: joining the languages trip to Paris and going on a work experience.