Useful Links

Useful Links

SAM Learning - Online Interactive Study Site

BBC Languages
Includes several self-contained online courses, plus lots of supplementary material for their courses, transcripts etc.

Is a portal for language resources online, at all levels.

Offers lots of games and exercises for French, German and Spanish, and also acts as a gateway to other interesting resources.
Has absorbing pictorial vocabulary guides where users place their cursor over any of the images to hear their names pronounced and see them spelled out. Available so far in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese and Korean. A few interactive grammar guides and readings are also available.

Offers a wealth of video clips of authentic language spoken in its natural cultural environment. Most clips have transcripts and English translations, plus cultural notes and some still images.

Helps students learn vocabulary, via six different types of drills, audio clips of native speakers, verb conjugations, and dictionary lookup. The most interesting feature though is the web reader , which helps students to read foreign websites by showing the English definition of a word if the user points the cursor at it. The user can also add these words to a list, to be tested on later.

Goethe Tests
Test your English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian and Indonesian vocabulary with gap-fill exercises.

Foreign Languages for Travelers
To help basic communication while travelling in a wide range of languages. Each has a list of common words and phrases (with audio) - the native language can be chosen too.
Helps you practice your second language (over 70 languages) by pairing you with a native speaker who is learning your language, as a pen pal or by text chat.