Literacy in Science

Literacy in Science

Literacy in Science

In Science we have a literacy working wall which contains many key words relating to Science. Students can look at this wall whenever they come to the Science block.

The meaning of many Science related terms that students need to learn at GCSE can be found by clicking the link below. Students should be using these terms whenever they are completing investigation work.

Numeracy in Science

At key stage 3 students will develop skills in areas such calculating averages, drawing graphs, taking measurements and using equations.

At key stage 4 Maths skills are included in the assessment of all GCSE Science qualifications. The weighting of each paper that assesses Maths skills are shown below: 

  • Biology: 10% 
  • Chemistry: 20%
  • Physics: 30%
  • Combined Science Trilogy : 20% (1:2:3 ratio for biology, chemistry and physics). So for each single mark attributed to maths in biology, there must be two marks in chemistry and three marks in physics

Key stage 4 Maths skills include magnification calculations, standard form, simple probability, algebra, graphs, estimates and significant figures. The link below contains further information: