A Level

A Level


What courses are available?

A Level Mathematics

Students follow the Edexcel (9MA0) A-level Mathematics course, which is taught over 2 years. This course covers a wide range of core mathematical topics that build on and develop subjects that have been covered at GCSE, as well as introducing new branches of Mathematics for students to study. Students will also be taught new applications of maths through the statistics and mechanics part of the course.

A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics

Students with a particular strength or passion for Mathematics, who students who already know that they wish to pursue mathematics courses in further education can opt to take Further Mathematics A-Level alongside the normal A-Level in Mathematics. Students study further Core maths alongside a further core paper and a further statistics paper. This course takes up two Option Boxes and counts as two subjects.
Further Mathematics is an ideal choice for pupils who are considering studying maths, science or engineering at University. Most students achieve 2 Maths A Levels at least at grade A and go on to study at top Universities including Oxford and Cambridge.
Over the two years we use the Edexcel Specifications (9MA0 and 9FM0).


All course are assessed by 3 terminal exams at the end of year 13. The Edexcel Maths course is examined by 3 2 hour papers, with the first 2 papers covering the core maths and the 3rd paper covering the statistics and mechanics components. The Further Maths examinations consists of 4 papers in total, with 2 core papers, 1 further pure paper and 1 further statistics paper.

What skills will students gain?

The course is designed to encourage students to:

• Develop their understanding of Mathematics in a way which promotes confidence and enjoyment;
• Develop abilities to reason logically and recognise incorrect reasoning, to generalise and to construct Mathematical proofs;
• Extend their range of Mathematical skills and techniques and use them in more difficult, unstructured problems;
• Develop an understanding of coherence and progression in Mathematics and of how different areas of Mathematics can be linked;
• Recognise how Mathematics can be used to understand relationships in the real world;
• Communicate using Mathematics;
• Understand Mathematical arguments;
• Acquire the skills needed to use technology such as calculators and to recognise their limitations;
• See the relevance of Mathematics in other fields of study.

What are the entry requirements ?

The entry requirement for all courses is a minimum of a grade 6 at GCSE and hence students need to have studied GCSE Maths at Higher Tier. Students wishing to take the Further Maths A Level should ideally have gained a grade 8/9 at GCSE.
If students have any questions over their suitability for any of the courses on offer, they are strongly encouraged to speak to their Maths teacher or the Head of Department.

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