A Level

A Level

A Level Media Studies

2013 Coursework Deadlines

  • A2 Media 19th April
  • AS Media 8th May

Why study this course?

Media Studies is a popular course at Malbank Sixth Form College with consistently high exam results. 2010 results across A-Level showed 90% of students achieved an A-C grade.

We use media industry standard equipment where possible and edit work using Apple Mac editing software.

How the course is structured? 50% exam and 50% practical work

AS: MEST 1 Section A: Investigating the Media 1 Hour Exam

MEST 1 Section B: Broadcast Industry Case study 45 minute Exam

MEST 2: Practical production

A2: MEST3 Section A examination, comparing 2 texts

MEST 3 Section B examination investigating representations of youth, gender, place.

MEST 4 Practical production of choice and 2,000 word essay

What are the entry requirements?

It is essential that students have a strong interest and passion for understanding the media, and a creative and quizzical ability would be beneficial.

A C grade in English is essential.

Which other subjects link well with Media Studies?

Media Studies is a subject based on theory which links well with any academic subject but requires an equally strong creative mind set. Students studying Media often combine with Art & Design, ICT, Performing Arts and Design Tech. History, English and Psychology provide excellent analytical skills which transfer to Media well.

What career paths would this course follow?

The skills acquired studying Media can continue onto related fields in Further Education such as Media, Advertising, Graphic Design, Journalism, TV & Radio Production.

What specific skills will I learn?

Not to believe everything you see, read or hear!

What extra opportunities are available?

We take an annual study visit to the National Media Centre at Bradford where students attend lectures by professional film/television critics who share techniques and give an interesting and valuable insight into the industry.

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