Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular

"The Malbank Senior School Run" - Tune in every Tuesday 4-5pm

Malbank School and Sixth Form College has had a strong relationship with local radio station, Redshift for a number of years. It allows the students to get involved with the local community whilst learning vital media skills including radio presenting and production.

The show has a large social media following, listeners both from Malbank and the local area can write in to request songs and interact with the presenters via email, text, Facebook and twitter. 

Becoming increasingly popular in the local area, Redshift are hoping to gain their FM licence this year which will make the station available through the radio, not just online.

Tom Levins and Jack Scott from year 11 are currently the main presenters on the show and enjoy their time on Redshift very much. They are both trained in how to produce the show themselves and choose the focus for the show each week with input from various other Malbank students that get involved with “The senior school run”. Particular attention is given to the Malbank social calendar and community events, interviewing guests that participate in activities outside of the curriculum.

The partnership is a great opportunity for the students as it lets them take charge and be creative.

You can tune into redshift radio live at any time via the website www.redshiftradio.co.uk or to listen again to previous Malbank shows you can visit www.mixcloud.com/seniorschoolrun_redshift where they are available.

The Malbank Senior School Run has allowed us to educate our school, the local community and beyond about our recent Holocaust Memorial Exhibition on behalf of Lessons from Auschwitz North West.

On Tuesday 14th January 2014, we were guests in the Senior School Run to talk about to talk about our exhibition and the forthcoming Holocaust Memorial Day on the January 27th.

Prior to this in December we appeared on the show to publicise our exhibition and talk about our experiences with Lessons from Auschwitz. The LFA is a programme constructed by the Holocaust Educational Trust, which allows 200 students from the Northwest and hundreds of students from all over the country to learn about the holocaust, hear from a holocaust survivor, visit Auschwitz concentration camp and to educate their fellow pupils about the horrors of the Holocaust. We also explained to listeners that the aim of our exhibition was to "Never forget the victims of the Holocaust, but to also alter stereotypes and previous perceptions that people may have."

On Tuesday, 14th we told listeners that our exhibition was an abounding success and was highly praised by staff and students alike fulfilling the aims we had wished to achieve. We thus thanked all the people who had listened to the show in December as they helped spread the word about our exhibition. Without the radio we would of not been able to spread the message to as many people as we did on the day.

Holocaust Memorial Day was our other discussion pint during our appearance on the show. The Day this year was focused on "Journeys" we told listeners how we incorporated this topic into our exhibition. As we encouraged visitors to walk around the exhibition with an Identification card, with an individual person on it, this allowed them to follow the persons journey on their Id card as well as going on a journey themselves whilst walking around the exhibition.

Being a guest on the radio allowed us to educate listeners on the Holocaust talking about topics such as the recent genocides in countries such as Rwanda, addressing the fact that lessons had not been learnt from the Holocaust. Such topics were engaging with listeners, resulting in people calling in, texting and emailing the show to give their opinion on the subject.

All in all appearing on the radio was extremely beneficial for us. As Holocaust Ambassadors for Malbank School, we were able to spread news of our exhibition and educate others far and wide about one of the biggest atrocities in history.

- Written by Amy Matthews (Former Senior School Run Presenter) and Emma Brookes

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