GCSE Media Studies

GCSE Media studies is an exciting mix of practical and theoretical study. GCSE results are consistently high with 85% of students achieving an A* to C in 2012

For the Single Award, there is the opportunity to produce magazines, short films, advertising campaigns and web - based projects. There is an examination in Year 11 on a pre-released topic and requires essay style and practical responses to four questions. The examination is worth 40% of the GCSE. The practical coursework is worth 60% and students work with Publisher, Powerpoint and Paintshop on the PC system and iMovie on our Apple Macbooks.

AQA exam papers and resources can be viewed from http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/media-studies/gcse/media-studies-4810/past-papers-and-mark-schemes

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Links to past GCSE papers.

Link To Media Studies Example of an A star GCSE Double Award Exam Paper

Examples of GCSE Single Award file trailer production.

Example 1   Example 2   Example 3   Example 4   Example 5   Example 6

Example of GCSE Double Award file trailer production.

Example 1

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