Media Studies

Media Studies

Media Studies

Why study media?

From Facebook to film, Twitter to television and Youtube to youth cultures, our experiences of the world are increasingly dominated by media. The digital revolution and rapid growth in communications has made learning about the media industry more exciting than ever before. Media Studies is an exciting and challenging subject that encourages you to critically engage with a broad range of media products. But, there is also a strong emphasis on coursework, giving you the opportunity to build on practical skills in journalism, magazine design, photography, filming and digital/web-based media construction.

What makes a good media student?

A good media student should be inquisitive about the media products that surround them every day. They should have basic ICT skills and a good standard of English. They should be self-motivated and enthusiastic and have a real interest in filming and editing.


Exam Board: AQA - Single Award

We are a high achieving department where students will create portfolios of work for the GCSE qualification; worth 60% of the overall grade. They will explore three main areas of the media in detail and combine analytical skills with creative skills to research, evaluate and plan different media assignments.

Students will also sit one exam at the end of the course which is on a set topic with changes to this each year. Students will have pre-released material and the exam requires both essay style and practical responses to four questions. This is the remaining 40% of the qualification

AQA exam papers and resources can be viewed from

AS/A2 Level

Exam Board: AQA

Like all A-Levels, Media Studies has a strong emphasis on theory and research, offering students the opportunity to discuss, explore and analyse media, both mainstream and alternative.
AS/A2 course is divided into four units, two in each year.


MEST 1 - Investigating the Media (external exam) - providing an overarching introduction to the study of media and the contemporary media landscape. Students explore and analyse products from a range of disciplines including: film and broadcast fiction, documentaries, advertising and marketing, print and digital journalism, digital and web based platforms, as well as print media.
MEST 2 - Creating Media Coursework (coursework). AQA provide three briefs and students choose one to produce. The practical work must incorporate work from two of the three media platforms of Broadcast, E-media and Print


A2 allows students to explore the media independently and focus on their interest and skills base.
MEST 3: Critical perspective (external exam) - encouraging students to demonstrate their understanding of the key concepts explored in the first year and to apply them to a bespoke ‘identities' based case study that looks at the effect of media products on a social group. The case study examines both traditional and social media platforms.
MEST 4: Research and Production (coursework) - asking students to build upon the research skills developed in the AS year to investigate a media theme of their own choosing, and to subsequently craft a fully realised media product that achieves professional production values.

AQA exam papers and resources can be viewed from

Media City UK Masterclass

Our media students recently took part in a masterclass at The Media Factory at Media City UK. This was a unique, innovative and inspiring day. Our students were able to work with industry experts and had a truly hands-on experience of how to make TV and radio. All of our students had a thoroughly fantastic day which will prove invaluable for their media course.

Click here to see photos from the Media City Trip 2016