The Music Department is a vibrant place to be and is proud to announce a 100% GCSE pass rate at Grades A* - C for the sixth year running.

Music can help children develop listening and concentration, control and coordination of large and small muscles, seriation and memory skills, an understanding of 3 dimensional space and an awareness and ability to control the movement of their body in that space.

Music is also one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain, both the logical and creative, at the same time. By utilizing both sides simultaneously the brain grows connections across the hemispheres. The more connections we have, the faster we are able to think.

Enjoying music with others helps you to be confident in social settings, both during school life and beyond. Even more than this, music is something that is just plainly enjoyed by everyone!

Why do we have music at secondary school? - Link

Music is a subject that everyone can enjoy, whether you play or listen to it. There are so many different styles to choose from, to suit different tastes. In school lessons we cover many different aspects from African drumming to Samba, from Blues music to modern pop music. Studying music is proven to help with other subjects and is thought of by 'red brick universities' as a valued GCSE and A Level subject. It can help with thinking skills, social skills, communication, confidence, creativity and imagination.

Above is accessible to everyone! 

Forthcoming Music Events

Weekly Performances - in assemblies by Malbank musicians

Music events for this academic year - Link

Extra music tuition - Link

Playing an instrument is such a fantastic opportunity to develop your musical skills still further and join in the many groups that rehearse at Malbank. You can learn, piano, keyboard, voice, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, viola, guitar, drums. Instruments can be hired from The Love Music Trust at a very reasonable rate.

We have very experienced instrument teachers who teach in the music block once a week (10 lessons per term). Lessons are 15, 20 or 30 minutes long and they attend on the same day, but not coming out of the same class lesson each week to help minimise disruption to class learning. Learning an instrument can do wonders with learning in other subjects and it's never too late to start. 

Important Notice from Mikro Coaches RE: MIK84 Willaston 22/01/2020