Music AS and A2 Music (AQA)

Why study this course?

Music is a creative yet challenging and academic A Level which will develop many skills that are directly transferable to a variety of further education courses. It is taught by a team of highly experienced teachers who endeavour to deliver lessons in an engaging, accessible and even fun manner! ICT resources in the department are excellent for the completion of composition coursework and the fact that we have a fully kitted out recording studio means all performance coursework is recorded to a professional standardHow is the course structured?


Unit 1: Influences on Music - 1 Hour 45 mins Written Paper
Unit 2: Composing; Creating Musical Ideas - 20 Hour Coursework Project
Unit 3: Performing: Interpreting musical ideas - 
5-8 mins of both solo and ensemble performances


Unit 4: Music in Context - 2 Hours 15 mins Written Paper
Unit 5: Composing: Creating Musical Ideas - 20 Hour Coursework Project
Unit 6: Performing: A Musical Performance - 10-15 mins of solo performance

What are the entry requirements?

It is recommended that students have studied Music at GCSE Level and gained at least a C in this subject. As a guide, students should be comfortable with playing pieces around the Grade 5 level on entering into Year 12.

Which other subjects link well with this subject?

AS Music develops both academic and practical skills all subject areas work well: from Science and Maths to English, MFL and Humanities.

What career paths would this course lead to?

Taking music does not limit you to a career in music but can be used as a stepping stone to a wide variety of higher education courses and careers. Music is seen as an academic subject by universities and, as such, can be used in applications for any higher education studies. Performer - solo/band/session/orchestra. Instrument/voice teacher, researcher, music journalism, concert promotion, music therapy, music production.

What specific skills will I learn?

  • Performance and presentation
  • Composition and theoretical knowledge
  • Literacy -essay writing
  • Research and analysis of music
  • Team working and social skills

What Extra Opportunities are available?

The Music Department at Malbank is very busy - be prepared to join in! Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra, String Group, Brass Group. We give many opportunities for performing either local - Audlem Jazz Festival, St. Mary's Carol Concert, Summer Lunchtime Recitals, School concerts, Cheshire Show, or international - Barcelona, Paris, Lake Garda, Montreux Jazz Festival. The school show involves singers and instrumentalists in the band. We take trips to concerts in Manchester, student conferences for examination tips and hints.

"With a fantastic music and performing arts department, I was well set up for my place at University"

Kallarny Stanyard-McNair - Studying Music at Anglia Ruskin University 

Sixth Form Open Evening - Tuesday 23rd October 6pm-8pm