Our Aims

Our Aims

A Statement of School Aims 

"Malbank stands out for the quality of teaching, the quality of learning and the fact the students are receiving a truly excellent education." 

  • To give students the experience of school as a caring, supportive community where life is enjoyable and where there is equal opportunity for everyone. 
  • To enable students to develop to the full their various abilities, interests and aptitudes. 
  • To encourage students to develop lively and enquiring minds, to be capable of independent thought and to experience enjoyment in learning and in leisure. 
  • To enhance the self-confidence and self-discipline of young people and to encourage them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. 
  • To gain knowledge, understanding, experience, skills, values and nationally recognised qualifications in preparation for life-long learning, the world of work and adult life. 
  • To help students to understand the world in which they live and the inter-dependence of individuals, communities and nations. 
  • To ensure they achieve their best!

Shared Expectations - What did we all want?

We will have a School where...

  • Learning and teaching experiences are interactive, engaging and varied, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Relationships are built on mutual respect, harmony and shared values.
  • The learning environment is safe and all resources are used to their fullest extent to promote achievement for life.
  • Everybody can achieve their potential and feels valued for what they are good at.
  • Every voice is heard and every individual matters.