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Physical Education

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GCSE and BTEC PE PE Order Form 2015 / 2016

Forms need to be handed into the Print Room by the following dates 15th July 2015 , 22nd September 2015, 20th October 2015, 15th December 2015, 9th February 2016, 22nd March 2016, 17th May 2016, 15th July 2016.

Physical Education 

The PE curriculum is well-organised, imaginative and effective opportunities for learning and a broad range of experiences which contribute well to the pupils' development. The curriculum is adjusted effectively to meet the needs of most groups and a range of pupils with highly specific needs. The subject makes a good contribution to relevant cross-curricular themes including, literacy, numeracy and ICT. Enrichment opportunities in the subject are varied, have a high take-up and are much enjoyed.

The curriculum is broad, balanced and well informed by current initiatives in the subject. It is designed to match a range of pupils' needs and ensure effective continuity and progression in their learning in the subject. Almost all pupils have access to at least two hours high quality PE in the curriculum each week. Good links are forged with the local sports partnership, and the wider sporting community, to provide a range of physical enrichment activities. These links promote pupils' learning and their engagement with the subject (e.g Nantwich town Football club, Nantwich Town Cricket club, Crewe & Nantwich Rugby, Hockey & Cricket Club). The programme enables pupils to reach a good level of performance and achieve well in a range of physical activities. Progression routes are clear, well established and promote lifelong participation in physical activities. Secondary schools provide a good programme of accredited courses, including sports leadership and vocational options. Education for safety and health is good. The majority of pupils access at least one additional hour of school sport and/or dance each week.

PE gives students the opportunity to participate and achieve in a range of activities as performers, officials and leaders. It provides a strong link to physical activities, sport opportunities they take up in extra-curricular activities and in the community. It makes a significant contribution to young people's entitlement to five hours of physical activity, including sport, each week.

Students enjoy being physically active as individuals, in groups and in teams. They also enjoy solving problems and performing in creative, artistic, aesthetic, competitive and challenging activities. For some students achievement in physical education will be the pursuit of excellence and becoming ‘the best' in their sport or chosen activity. Others may choose to use their knowledge, skills and understanding to pursue careers or voluntary pathways as performers, leaders or officials or follow physical education routes of study at further or higher education. Success for others will be in their involvement in physical activity for its own sake and for the benefits to their health and wellbeing.

PE gives students the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to participate safely and effectively both as individuals and when working in groups and teams. They learn how to create safe environments and how to use safe working practices. This includes such things as wearing appropriate kit, warming up safely and effectively, lifting and carrying safely and ensuring that they and others are safe. Students learn about the risks associated with different activities and how to mitigate those risks while still providing challenge and excitement. They learn how to be alert to changing risks and become safety conscious in all that they do without being fearful of attempting more challenging activities.

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