Presentation Code

Presentation Code


Every classroom displays the new Malbank Presentation Code, which has 9 expectations of how students should present their work in exercise books and how to respond promptly to feedback.

Your son/daughter will also receive a copy of the ‘P Codes' from each subject teacher to stick into each of their exercise books.

Encouraging pride in presentation is an important part of the process of promoting excellence in every aspect of learning. It is also important to establish good habits in your son/daughter's book work, so that in the examination years (10 to 13), students are well versed in keeping pristine notes to revise from.

You will also find a focus on literacy in the Presentation Code and it is important that students do proof read their own work and check spellings before submission of a piece of class work or homework to the class teacher.

Importantly, you will also see that in the ‘P Codes', P7 asks students to ‘Respond to Next Steps immediately by correcting or adding to work.' Feedback from teachers is only useful if students act upon it. Time is allowed within lessons to do so, but there is an expectation in the new Presentation Code, that your son/daughter will automatically respond to such next steps.


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