Our aim is to help every young person to maximise their full potential and fulfil their ambitions.


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 Sixth Form Prospectus
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Malbank School & Sixth Form College enjoys a distinctive ethos and long-standing traditions. It is also a dynamic and forward-looking organisation - a leading specialist college preparing young people for the future. This is a happy and very high achieving school, described by Ofsted as popular, successful, innovative and effective - valued by parents and praised by students. Amongst its many outstanding features is the Sixth Form College, with 250+ students attracted by the college's impressive academic record, its high reputation, and its vibrant, supportive atmosphere.

At Malbank, we take pride in students' achievements, both academically and in other important respects. We recognise that every individual has particular needs and interests, talents and aspirations and we believe that everyone has a worthwhile contribution to make. Not surprisingly, students from Malbank are in great demand, both from employers and from universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. We are keen to play our part in ensuring that young people grow into responsible, self-confident citizens who will thrive in adult life. We value our excellent relationships with parents and our strong links with the local community and with our national and international partners.

I hope you will take the opportunity to visit Malbank School. You will find a friendly, well-ordered community, where teaching, learning and academic standards are of a very high order.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further information or if you would care to arrange a visit.