A Level Psychology

Psychology is a popular and successful subject. We aim to encourage enquiring and independent thinking students using varied teaching methods. Psychology achieved 100% pass rate and 50% A* - B at A2 last year and many of our students chose to continue studying Psychology to degree level. The Psychology team is experienced and dedicated. There is experience within the team of forensic psychology and counselling and the department is led by a senior examiner who updates the team on mark scheme decisions, the formulation of questions and emphasis on skills at every examination session. Assessment throughout the course is always in line with national standards.

How is the course structured?

A Level
Paper 1: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology and Learning theories
Paper 2: Applications of Psychology - Clinical Psychology and Criminological Psychology
Paper 3: Psychological Skills - Research Methods, Issues and Debates within Psychology

What are the entry requirements?

Ideally, students should have a grade 6 in Science and in maths and a 5 in English.

Which other subjects link well with this subject?

Psychology goes well with a range of subjects given its varied content. It goes well with other social sciences such as Sociology. Many of our students also take Biology, English Language or Literature and Sports Studies.

What career paths would this course lead to?

Clinical, Sports, Educational and Forensic Psychology are the most obvious careers that lead from a Psychology degree. However, Psychology will also give you the skills to move into marketing/business, health care, counselling, retail, and teaching to name but a few.

What specific skills will I learn?

• Description and Evaluation of research conducted by other Psychologists.
• Analysis, assessment and application of theories, arguments and studies
• Research skills to enable original research.
• Independent learning