Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

Educational visits and external speakers

Key Stage 5       

  • Lessons from Auschwitz project       
  • Study Days at Chester University
  • Visits to local Buddhist centres

Key Stage 4

  • Visit to local Buddhist centre
  • Enrichment day run by Lancaster University's Philosophy, Politics and Religion department

Key Stage 3

  • Visit to Conwy in conjunction with History and Geography departments  
  • Speakers from a variety of religions



An idea club for those under exam stress or just those in search of a way of chilling their beans, this club focuses on relaxation techniques. Techniques include visualisation and ideas derived from Samatha meditation, such as mindfulness and kindness meditation.  An ideal way for anyone to gain some time for contemplation and to actively begin to develop skills to positively affect personal well-being.

Tuesday lunchtimes in A24 - see Mrs Putt for more details.  During the summer months this may take place in the Community Garden - please ensure you have sun cream.


This is a student-run club in conjunction with Nantwich Elim Church and is primarily aimed at those with an interest in Christianity. More than a Christian Union, this is a place for students to meet and discuss issues and feelings that are impacting upon their lives, and reflect upon the advice in the Bible.  Students may lead Bible study and discussion, or there may be simply a chance to chat things through and gain the advice and perspective of others.

Thursday lunchtimes in A16 - see Mrs Hoey for more details

Recent visit from Mr Harbhajan Singh Dahia

Mr Harbhajan Singh Dahia, from Birmingham, came into Malbank on the 24th of June to talk to 13 student representatives from Year 8 about Sikhism. Year 10 students, Tommy Nield and Ellarae Woodward filmed his visit to allow all of Year 8 to benefit; all classes will be able to watch the interview prior to completing their assessment on Sikh Life in Britain.  Mr Harbhajan Singh Dahia presented year 8 with a power point and information about his religion which gave the pupils the opportunity to learn more about it. He spoke about historical events and elements within his beliefs such as meditating and earning an honest living. After his presentation, the year 8 students were able to ask questions that they'd prepared with their classmates, to gain more knowledge. They asked about the importance of God, different beliefs and practices and how Sikhism fits into his daily life.  Mr Harbhajan Singh Dahia discussed all of their questions openly, explaining how understanding, "can change someone's life in an instant." This opportunity will help Year 8 develop their understanding of Sikhism and multiculturalism, and will hopefully help them to do well on their assessment.  Many thanks to Mrs Tyrer of the RS department for organising Mr Harbhajan Singh Dahia's visit.

Report by Ellarae Woodward 10D