School Attendance

School Attendance

School Attendance

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Good attendance is crucial if students are to do well at school and receive a reference which will encourage colleges or employers to offer you a place in their organisations.

No one wants to employ a young person who is often late or who is absent without a very good reason!

  • Do not miss school for any reason unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Try to make appointments (e.g. dentist) outside school time

Attendance Rates

+97% - Outstanding

95% - School Average

94-90% - A matter for concern

Less than 90% - Poor / Referral to EWS

Download - Taking Action To improve Attendance (Chesire East Council)

Penalty Notice

Due to new government legislation no holidays will be authorised during term time other than in exceptional circumstances. If you do take your child out of school during term time you may face a fixed penalty notice from the local authority.   

Students' with below 85% attendance as a result of unauthorised absence are monitored by the School and EWO on a regular basis. Parents' / guardian are kept informed and if no improvement is made a Penalty notice will be issued to parents' / guardian by Cheshire Location Education Authority.

Payment of a Penalty Notice is required within 21 days at a charge of £60 and payment after this time but within 28 days is charged at £120. After 28 days you will be summons to appear before the magistrates court on the grounds that you have failed to secure your child's/children's regular attendance.  (Updated for academic year 2015 to 2016.

As you are aware CE put on hold the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices in May 2016 due to the case of Isle of Wight v Platt. Which was found in favour of the Isle of Wight LA

As a result of this judgement, the policy will recommence on 1st September 2017.

As from 1st September 2017 any requests made for a holiday to be taken in the academic year 2017-18 or thereafter which is not considered by the head teacher to be exceptional in circumstances, should be recorded as unauthorised, and a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued by the LA.

Download - Taking Children On Holiday During Term Time (Chesire East Council)

Procedure if students are absent from school

  • Send a note to students Form Tutor explaining reason for absence as soon as student returns to school
  • If students are likely to be away from school for other reasons for more than 3 days Parents' / guardian should contact the school

Unexplained absences

Unexplained absences are considered as unauthorised. This means that they will be followed up by both the school and the Local Authority.

In the case of persistent unauthorised absence or persistent truancy the LEA may take legal action as outlined in Penalty Notice.


  • Students' arriving at school late should go immediately to the Main School Office explaining clearly the reason for lateness - the Office Staff will mark the student present
  • Provide a signed note to Form Tutor or Subject Tutor from parents' / guardian confirming the reasons for the late arrival

Appointments out of school during school time

  • Parents' / guardian should write a letter explaining why and when students need to leave school. The note should be given to the Form Tutor who will provide a slip to take to the main school office
  • The student should take the slip to the main school office who will issue the student with an out of school pass
  • Students' returning to school after the appointment should report back to the main office where they will be signed back into school.

 Student related policies can be found in the school planner which may be downloaded here.

 The current version of the school's Attendance policy may be downloaded here.