School Canteen

School Canteen

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School Canteen

Here at Malbank School & Sixth Form College we take healthy eating very seriously and are committed to providing nutritionally balanced food for pupils and staff, this is reflected in the quality of our two school canteens and the food provided there.

The challenges the school faces of having relatively small canteen sizes to pupil proportion, means that we also sell a range of foods that are suitable to be consumed outside the canteen.

We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities, service, queuing times etc, and are constantly working alongside our in-house catering company, Chartwells to improve both the hot meals and cold options that are available for sale.

Healthy Eating

Under the new Government health initiatives the food served in the canteen now has to meet healthier standards. As a result you will see changes to the food being served. We no longer serve the unhealthier options of the past; instead a glance at our current menu shows the new, healthier and tastier options.

In keeping with the Government guidelines, the options we offer are locally sourced, fresh and competitively priced. The majority of meals are nutritionally balanced, high in fibre, low in fat, salt and sugar. Water is always available from fountains around the site and we actively encourage our pupils to bring their own water bottles.

Healthy eating is also encouraged via our PSD programme and Food Tech lessons. Tasting sessions are regularly held by the school councillors and staff to highlight new additions to the menu.

Packed Lunches 

Packed lunches are also an option to provide your child with a balanced healthy meal. Pupils are welcome to eat their packed lunch in the canteen.

We would kindly ask that if possible; avoid unnecessary packaging and please remember that fizzy drinks are banned from the site.

Read more info about Healthy Lunch Boxes

Breakfast Club

If you have missed breakfast, why not come down to the school canteen and have your early morning breakfast there? Prior to morning registration, the canteen is open for the Breakfast Club which starts at 08.00 a.m. for the early risers, offering drinks, cereals and toast. 


The morning break at 11.00 is a chance for pupils to buy a snack or even purchase lunch in advance to beat the queues.

Lunch Options

The launch of new global adventures from Easter 2017, aimed at giving the students the options that you would expect to get in major high street food vendors.

Menus change frequently and cater for all tastes and dietary needs. For special dietary needs you are invited to contact The Catering Manager via the Main School Office to make suitable arrangements.