School Governors

School Governors

Malbank School Governors

 Interest Declared

Mr John HarrisonEmployed by Malbank School
Staff Governors 
Mr Mark Brisbourne Employed by Malbank School 
Governors appointed by L.A.  
Mr Scott Harding (Chair) - Partner at local solicitors
Co-Opted Governors 
Mr Phil Whelan - Managing Director of local Business None 
Mrs Margaret Smith - Retired TeacherNone
Mr Robert Edleston - Director of local Clothing Manufacturer  None 
Partner Governors 
Dr Gill Appleton (Church)
Parent Governors 
Mrs Suzanne Austin (Vice Chair) - Community Pharmacist and Safeguarding Governor
Mr Phil Cornwell - Local businessman 
Mr Matthew Theobald - Local businessman  None 
In attendance
Tara Sanchez - Clerk to the Governors None

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Role and responsibilities of the governing body.

Statutory Position 

  • To manage the school budget, consider the annual budget plan, approve the budget, consider and approve any proposed revisions to the budget plan.
  • To decide on how to spend the delegated budget depending on any conditions set out in the LEA scheme within the financial year.
  • To decide whether to delegate their powers to spend the delegated budget to the head teacher if so, they should establish the financial limits of delegated authority.
  • To be consulted by the LEA on significant changes to LEA's fair funding.
  • To make sure accurate accounts are kept.
  • To determine the staff complement and a pay policy for the school (in accordance with School Teachers pay and Conditions). To act as a ‘critical friend' to the head teacher by providing advice, challenge and support.
  • To establish a written performance management policy to govern staff appraisal, after making sure that all staff have been consulted.

Financial Management Roles

  • To set financial priorities through the School Development Plan, 3 year medium financial plan & The annual budget.
  • To decide on how the school's delegated budget should be spent, in accordance with the SDP and the statutory curriculum requirements laid down by government.
  • Approving and monitoring the annual budget.Ensure the budget is managed effectively.
  • Ensure the school meets all its statutory obligations, and through the Head teacher complies with the LEA's financial regulations on standing orders.
  • Determines virement and expenditure thresholds.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of spending decisions.

Governing Body delegated responsibility to Committees

The Governing Body can fulfil some of its responsibilities through a series of committees:

  • Resources Committee
  • School Improvement
  • Impact Committee 
  • Student Discipline sub committee

Where a committee has been set up the Governing Body will

  • Define its terms of reference
  • Define the extent of its delegated responsibility
  • Ensure it receives minutes of the Committee's meetings


Minutes must be taken of all meetings of the Governing Body and its Committees and include all decisions and by whom action is to be taken. The Clerk to the Governors is responsible for recording the minutes at all meetings.

Minutes from July 17th 2017
Minutes from September 25th 2017
Minutes from October 3rd 2017
Minutes from October 13th 2017
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Minutes from January 22nd 2018
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Minutes from February 9th 2018
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Minutes from March 23rd 2018
Minutes from April 23rd 2018
Minutes from May 18th 2018
Minutes from June 11th 2018
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Minutes from September 24th 2018
Minutes from October 1st 2018
Minutes from November 12th 2018
Minutes from January 21st 2019
Minutes from February 4th 2019
Minutes from March 4th 2019
Minutes from March 25th 2019

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