School Library

School Library

School Library

Is free to use. It has books to help you with your homework and study, as well as leisure reading.

You may borrow 2 books at a time, for up to 2 weeks, and 1 DVD, for 2 days. As well as books and videos, the library has newspapers, magazines and board games. Remember to bring your books and DVDs back, or renew them on time.

  • Never let anyone else use your library card - if they lose books borrowed on your card, you will have to pay for them!
  • Look after the books - you are responsible for keeping them clean and safe.
  • Please remember to put your coat on the pegs, and your bag on the shelves provided.
  • Food, drink and mobile phones are NOT allowed in the library.

Opening hours


Using the library

The library is open to everyone at break and lunchtime, for borrowing books, reading, research and studying. You can do homework or revise for an exam.

You are not expected to be silent, but please show respect for others by being quiet and behaving sensibly.

You may be able to help by doing jobs in the library. Ask the Librarian for details.

Finding books

The library has 2 catalogue computers to help you find books. They are easy to use, but ask if you need help. If you cannot find the book you want, ask the Librarian. If someone else has borrowed the book, it can be kept for you when it is returned to the library.


There are 8 computers in the library. All of them have Internet access. They are mainly for homework and study purposes.

Finally. Please remember that you can ask the Librarian if you have any problems, or want to make suggestions about books, and using the library.

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