School Nurse

School Nurse

School Nurse 

Julia Moore or Louise Collier are in school every Tuesday Lunchtime in the Medical room.

No Appointment needed just drop in.

Parents can contact us on 01270 275 439

NHS: Cheshire East Community Health


The aim of our service is to:

  • To Promote, protect and support children/young people in the community
  • To Maintain and improve their health in order for them to achieve their full potential educationally
  • To Provide knowledge and encourage healthy lifestyle choices


This service is a multi-disciplinary team of Nurses and their clerical support who liaise with other specialists and education staff to provide a range of services for children in schools and the community. School Nurses are trained nurses, some holding the Specialist School Nurse qualifications, who have chosen to work in this very important area of nursing.

The emphasis of School Nurses work is the prevention of ill health by the promotion of healthy life styles and the encouragement of preventative medicine such as immunisations, healthy eating and exercise. They also offer support to students who may have short/long term medical conditions.

Many things may affect your health. The School Nursing Team can offer support and advice on subjects such as:

  • Individual support identified throughout their school life.
  • General health issues.
  • Advice, support and training for schools around specific health issues such as severe allergies
  • Immunisation advice and programmes in schools
  • Emotional health needs

Your School Nurse can be contacted on
Tele: 01270 275 439

Your School Doctor can be contacted on:
Tele: 01270 275 373